Watch forgetters Play Live in Gainsville

Blake Schwarzenbach's forgetters played the Bowery Ballroom about a week and a half ago, but prior to that, their big winter event was a tour--called Too Small to Fail, after one of their better songs--up and down the East Coast. In Gainsville, Jeremy Silveira caught the band's whole set on video, yielding perhaps the highest quality bootleg of this particular iteration of Schwarzenbach's various bands yet. Which if you've spent as much time listening to forgetters and Thorns of Life bootlegs as we have, is saying something. Recommended in particular are "Hoop and Swan" (10:45 in), if only for the song's sweet Dinosaur Jr. rip at the bridge; "Too Small" (19:40), the band's mega-emo ballad; and "Night Accelerates" (23:30), the sing-a-long destined for the seven-inch the trio recorded but have yet to release. Next up? March's Harvest of Hope Festival, all the way back in Florida. Not helpful! [h/t Punk News]

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