Watch The Throne Is Out. Has Your Life Been Changed Yet?

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Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaborative LP

Watch The Thronelanded on iTunes at midnight

, and its arrival was somehow not prefaced by a leak—quite a notable achievement for such a high-profile release, although this observer is curious if its not getting out can be chalked up in large part to its iTunes release coming a full four days before its arrival in stores, where curious parties can pilfer the odd copy or two from the warehouse and unleash the data within to the curious masses. (The

decision to not mail out promo copies to reviewers

and instead have the music punditry show up for a splashy listening session at Hayden Planetarium last week probably helped, too.) The album's out now via channels both legit and


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If you're easing into your Monday and haven't heard the record yet, though, perhaps perusing the hashtag #WTTRules before downloading might help your listening experience come off as a little less obnoxious to others. (The first one, courtesy of MTV News hip-hop correspondent Rob Markman, is probably the most important: "No. 1: The album has to be out a FULL 5 DAYS before any person, publication or Online outfit declare it 'Classic.'" Something tells me that ship sailed a full five minutes after the album landed in Apple's store, but, you know, perchance to dream and all.)

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