Week in Review: I Didn't Fill Out My Census

Definitely didn't fill out his census. Also has no idea about that Icelandic volcano.
Definitely didn't fill out his census. Also has no idea about that Icelandic volcano.

In the week a gigantic cloud of ash and smoke and snow grounded flights all across Europe and wreaked havoc on a delicately balanced Coachella lineup, we rejoiced (for once) at being stuck in New York and, by way of celebrating, joined the hot new Williamsburg band I Didn't Fill Out My Census.

R.I.P. fearless, wildly adventurous jazz drummer Steve Reid and Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele.

Not that you need a reminder, but music sales are in freefall right now, and that fact still very much matters--just take a look at how many iTunes downloads, Spotify streams, and so forth it takes for a musician to earn minimum wage. At least some labels are still out there, fighting the good fight: we're looking at you, True Panther.

Here is a comprehensive guide to B.o.B, the rapping Coldplay acolyte who is about to be enormously famous.

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Local Big Black acolytes Austerity Program told our man Christopher R. Weingarten about pranking their own record label, Hydra Head; Weingarten also welcomed Sherlock's Daughter, New York's most delightful new transplants, to their new Brooklyn home.

Did you know Tea Partiers have rappers too? Or that there are actually people who believe that "classy downtempo music" is more appropriate for children than rap music? One thing both camps can agree on: Thurston Moore is an adorable noise music tutor when it comes to tiny little kids.

Plus New Yorker poetry editor Paul Muldoon's savvy critique of Ke$ha's "Tik Tok," Andrew WK's awesome upcoming "For the Moustache That You Love" benefit, scintillating American Idol commentary from Tom Breihan and Sharyn Jackson, the alleged gayness of 50 Cent, the comparative alluringness of Best Coast vs. a bag of In-N-Out Burger, and much more, below. Looking for weekend activities? Check out our guide to tomorrow's Record Store Day extravaganza, our I Don't Go Clubbing, I Go Dancing weekend dance primer, and a good old fashioned comprehensive listing of shows you'll want to see between now and when we're back on Monday. Until then...

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