Week in Review: We Got into Fights!

Week in Review: We Got into Fights!

In the same week that we interviewed Jaime Lowe about her ODB biography and had an unexpected follow-up exchange, the Vivian Girls insulted people who eat at Applebee's, we defended them, they apologized, Fluxy (who co-launched a new blog) called bullshit, NBS responded, and now Zach's off drinking heavily.

Boy Crisis does, in fact, take their bed conquests out to brunch the next morning. Weird man-ponytail guy told me on Facebook.

And Eminem's mother still sends him checks. She told me on the phone.

Coincidentally, Eminem's ex-wife once sent her a tarantula.

Upcoming Events

Naysayer: Ben Strong didn't like Milk. Yeasayer: Chris Keating didn't like his early press photo.

Live, Tina Turner celebrated her 69th birthday in Newark (?) with Beyonce and Jay-Z. Ted Leo and Andrew W.K. did indie-rock karaoke--for three hours (!). The Silver Apples revived "Moontune" at the Kitchen. And at the Bell House, chiptune nerds did Blip Fest.

The iTunes Free Single of the Week sucked. A Velvet Underground movie sucked, but the David Bowie Video Symposium rocked. So did the Grammy nominations. Unbelievable.

What wasn't awesome? This week.

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