Which Female Country Star is Your Favorite Rapper?

Which Female Country Star is Your Favorite Rapper?

Earlier this month Phonte dropped much knowledge about which rappers correspond to which classic television shows. To wit: Jay is The Wire; Nas is Breaking Bad; Kanye is Lost; East Bound and Down is Action Bronson, etc. etc. It's a fun game, and anyone who thinks too much about hip-hop has definitely tried their hand at playing in some form or other. Here, we compare rappers to female country stars. Because why not? GO!

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Which Female Country Star is Your Favorite Rapper?

Biggie Smalls is Dolly Parton There's no question that Biggie Smalls is Dolly Parton.The impact they've had on their respective genres is as huge as Dolly's bust or Biggie's waistline, and. both performers emphasize honest, autobiographical aspects that challenged their roles in society. Odds are, if Biggie was still alive, he'd have his own amusement park and a hefty stack of awards, just like Dolly.

Which Female Country Star is Your Favorite Rapper?

Tupac is Tammy Wynette Tupac and Tammy share an independent streak that separated them from the rest of the pack. Tammy Wynette sang about divorce and loneliness instead of happy endings, redefining the boundaries of what women could discuss in their art. As one of the earliest and most popular West Coast rappers, Tupac also redefined music. He was at the fore of a whole new breed of hip-hop and his emphasis on social issues mirrors Wynette's relational commentary.

Which Female Country Star is Your Favorite Rapper?

LL Cool J is Reba McEntire Both OGs who owned the game in their hey day, Reba and LL have fallen off a bit since their respective golden eras. But when you see LL Cool J on NCIS: Los Angeles and Reba on her self-title sitcom, you can't help but respect the hustle. Sure, primetime may be a bit removed from Reba's story of bootstrap social-climbing on "Fancy" or LL's "Mama Said Knock You Out," but both parties turned their personalities into acting careers. Ain't nothing wrong with it.

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