Wide Right Songs About Marriage and Kids for People Who Read


8:45, I'm late for work
She's trying to make me feel like a jerk
Crammed into this teeny chair
To determine why my son won't share
She thinks that he has issues
She's hoping I can give her some clues
Slowly nodding her head with a saccharine smile
Urging me to do what's best for my child
Oh Royanne, Oh Royanne
I really think that you don't understand
Ten after 9, I'm still trying to go
She thinks I shouldn't work outside of the home
Would his behavior improve for real
If I couldn't pay my monthly bills?


I'm parked in beltway traffic
Coming home from my job at the store
My legs and feet are aching
From nine hours on a terrazzo floor
A flattened PBJ sandwich on Safeway's discounted bread
Tides me over till this jam clears
And my rusty car can pull ahead
Daddy said I should stay home, maybe take the civil service test
Get a job with the city, something safe with good benefits
I thought I was too smart for that, that I would do better if I leave
You got to work twice as hard to try to defy the laws of gravity
I got fired from my first job when I was 15 years old
Working at the gas station, mechanics hitting on me in the cold
Mentioned it to the manager, next week my name was off the wall
Didn't know what else to do, so I found a job at the mall
My sister works in a steel mill, her boyfriend works on the line
I came down here to make my mark but I think I'm just wasting my time
Sucks when you're there, then it sucks you back, the suction never seems to stop
Another beans and rice dinner, another shitty service job

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