Would You Eat At a Restaurant/Piano Bar Run by the Glasslands Team?

Photo of the Glasslands "Painting Room" via jasoneppink's photostream
Photo of the Glasslands "Painting Room" via jasoneppink's photostream

As in, would you eat a "Braised Pork Belly & Kimchi Pressed Sandwich" served to you by the same hands that painstakingly hung filthy streamers from a dust-covered rafter down on Kent Street? Eater reports the brand new existence of the Manhattan Inn, a new establishment run by the Glasslands crew up on Manhattan Ave, a block north of McCarren Park. The bar/restaurant sports a kind of currently ubiquitous modern-rustic decor (photos here), "fancy cocktails," and New American cuisine, of the grass-fed beef/chocolate chile bread pudding variety. There is a piano, though don't expect the screaming drunken chaos that tends to prevail onstage over at Glasslands. Says Eater: "On that sweet, sweet baby grand? Ragtime." A hundred bucks says that condition is one that Andrew WK can find a way to overcome. [EaterNY]

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