Yes In My Backyard: New MP3s From Love Like Deloreans and Blondes

Yes In My Backyard is a semiweekly column showcasing new and emerging MP3s from local talent.

Yes In My Backyard: New MP3s From Love Like Deloreans and Blondes
Photo of Love Like Deloreans by Doug Olsen

The three Tangerine Dreamers in Love Like Deloreans play drummerless krautrock at its warmest and most infectious--the fuzzy-wuzzy stuff of Cluster and early Kraftwerk, low-velocity body music that knows humanity only exists in the vintage synthesizers you win in eBay auctions. A band made exclusively of ex music-school geeks, Love Like Deloreans have been kicking around Brooklyn for a while doing lo-res synth doodles, but they've reached new peaks of lushness on their just-released, self-titled, candy-apple-red 12" on Friendly Ghost Recordings. Opening track "Ollie Mess" is named after composer Oliver Messiaen and inspired by a short riff in one of his pieces. According to synth-player Peter Pearson, the original shoebox cassette recorder demo ran 23 minutes. But in its seven-minute iteration it still covers a lot of ground, connecting the dots between Kraftwerk in 1973, Human League in 1980, and Dan Deacon in 2009.


Love Like Deloreans, "Ollie Mess"
Yes In My Backyard: New MP3s From Love Like Deloreans and Blondes

Fellow Brooklynite duo Blondes also prefer to float around in the krautrock kosmos, but their brand of drone-and-flutter is decidedly more aggro, a pulsating, booming hum that's like Harmonia fueled by the last 20 years of house music. Before moving to Brooklyn, Zach Steinman and Sam Haar met in Berlin and bonded over their love of Tangerine Dream and beat-centric minimalist Manuel Gottsching. They have yet to issue a proper recording, but this demo of "Spanish Fly" shows a local band that can bliss out like the best Kompakt 12", layering vocal samples that coo and hum.


Blondes, "Spanish Fly"

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