3rd Atlantic Yards Design Emitted

3rd Atlantic Yards Design Emitted

Today developer Bruce Ratner unveiled a third design for his stalled Atlantic Yards project. (The first had been done by architecture superstar Frank Gehry; when it was scrapped for "value engineering" reasons, Ratner engaged Ellerbe Becket, who delivered a Pee-Wee's Playhouse set; SHoP Architects PC did the current revision.)

The Times has several renderings, as well as persistent Atlantic Yards critic Daniel Goldstein's reaction: "The arena design is irrelevant... It's all lipstick on a corrupt pig, window-dressing on a boondoggle." Goldstein's own site compares the new design to a house from Woody Allen's Sleeper...

Ratner is more enthusiastic, saying "The design is elegant and intimate and also a bold architectural statement that will nicely complement the surrounding buildings and neighborhoods."

"Regardless of your position on Atlantic Yards," says Brownstoner, "there's no denying it's sexier than the most recent renderings, though that's not saying a whole lot." Their commenters are mixed: "It resembles a Foreman Grill on the surface of the Death Star." "That is better than the hole in the ground." "Looks like a giant Close 'N' Play." "Love it or loath it, it will outlast you, so get used to it."

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