929 Is the New New York City Area Code; Children Just Eating Them Now

Area codes! What do they even mean anymore? While once a "646" was undesirable, now it's become mainstream, and a "718" or "917" is practically vintage. Not to mention all the "foreign" area codes hailing from California or D.C. or wherever, which people don't even bother to change nowadays. Confusing, these modern times! And now, adding to the polyglot nature of telecom, some land lines and cell phones in the outer boroughs will get a new three-number prefix in April: 929.

And then there will be six: 212, 718, 917, 646, 347, and 929. We can apparently blame this on people who have children to whom they give cell phones who are therefore taking up not only space and food and oxygen in this world but also our valuable natural resource, area codes.

Remember the old days? God, we were so young.


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