A Tribute to Hilly in Glittter and Coke

glitter.jpgSome thoughtful fan left this tribute for Hilly in gold glitter and a substance that appears to be cocaine. The glitter got us thinking: What would really be nice is if someone spruced up a CBGB T-shirt with the BeDazzler.

Here's a beautiful tribute to Hilly from Patti Smith's web site:

HILLY KRISTAL The Good Shepherd

Hilly Kristal opened the doors of CBGB's to us all in 1974. All who passed through the portals experienced, as Arthur Rimbaud would say, "new scenes, new noise".

He offered us artistic freedom and his gruff yet unconditional love. We evolved, we left and went out into the world like prodigal children. When we returned he always accepted us with open arms.

Once back in 1974, leaving the club after a loud, raucous night, I noticed that Hilly had fallen asleep on a cot. He was covered with a faded blanket and his feet were sticking out. His mismatched socks were also holy. Having holes that is. But perhaps holy as well. I remember thinking he's just one of us.

I never really knew him outside of CBGB'S. But he was always there. His door was always open. And when he fell asleep we never had to be quiet. Hilly Kristal was the good shepherd of a flock of black sheep. We are forever grateful.

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