Aafia Siddiqui Found Guilty, Proving New York Can't Handle Terror Trials

Aafia Siddiqui, aka the "Terror Mom" aka "Lady Al Qaeda," who was being tried by a civilian court in Manhattan, today was found innocent of all charges, and waltzed out of court thumbing her nose at America and making jokes about 9/11. Emboldened terrorists started blowing up buildings left and right as President Obama offered them lollipops.

Just kidding. Siddiqui was found guilty on all counts of grabbing a gun while in detention for alleged terror plotting and trying to kill American servicemembers, and faces 60 years in prison. After the verdict Siddiqui blamed Israel, etc.

Mayor Bloomberg let out a sigh of relief that he had not gone ahead and ordered that time machine built so he could go back to last year and protest that New York could not handle such a trial.

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