Adriano Espaillat Throws In The Towel; Charlie Rangel -- At 82 -- Is Likely Heading Back To Congress

Congratulations, New York -- the man to the right (at 82 years spry) is likely heading back to Washington D.C. to represent you in Congress for what will be his 22nd term as a member of the United States House of Representatives.

Congressman Charlie Rangel has (unofficially) fended off Democratic primary opponent/former state Senator Adriano Espaillat in a recount of last month's primary election, which Rangel also won.

"I look forward to working with him as we move forward in the 13th Congressional District to ensure that the issues that are pertinent to every resident - from the southern part of the district to the northern part of the district and now parts of the Bronx are addressed and taken care of," Espaillat told supporters this afternoon.

Espaillat demanded a recount -- after conceding defeat in the primary -- after alleging Hispanic voters (who would benefit the Hispanic Congressional wannabe) were turned away from voting booths and bilingual election officials were replaced with ones who only speak English.

The 2010 census redistricted Rangel into New York's 13th Congressional District, which is 55-percent Hispanic and is a shift from the predominantly African-American constiuency Rangel has enjoyed in his previous district for decades.

Regardless, the new district is still a Democratic stronghold, so Rangel shouldn't have much trouble come general election time.

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