After Nearly Two And A Half Months, The PATH Train Returns

This will probably be the last post-Sandy transportation post of its kind. Unless, of course, the H Train in the Rockaways becomes a permanent thing.

Shuttered due to Sandy, the PATH Train was barely functional until after Thanksgiving and only then was it running on a limited schedule in Downtown Manhattan and elsewhere. The picture featured on the top right was taken by the surveillance cameras at the Hoboken PATH stop mid-Frankenstorm. So, really, no further description is needed to ring out just how bad the damage was.

But last night, the PATH Train returned to full, round-the-clock service across Manhattan and New Jersey. The system's restoration is a testament more so to New Jersey's recovery, as most of the stops now online are in the storm-ravaged state.

And these stops include:

Hoboken Line

- Newark
- Harrison
- Journal Square
- Grove Street
- Newport
- Christopher Street 
- 9th Street
- 14th Street
- 23rd Street
- 33rd Street

In addition, full 5am-10pm service is back between Hoboken to 33rd Street, Journal Square to 33rd Street and Newark to the World Trade Center.

Safe riding, y'all.


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