Agyness Deyn Channels Vintage Britney in V Magazine Photo Spread

The September issue of V Magazine features a St. Marks Place photo spread with Agyness Deyn as the face of downtown Manhattan style. "Anything Goes When the Attitude is Right" reads the article's tagline. But, suffice it to say, the styling of the Cheetos photo is a little off -- more trailer park than St. Marks Place, as Focus on Style points out. A brown bag would have been a more accurate depiction than a Cheetos bag, but then we got to thinking, why does this photo look so familiar? So, we did some digging...

And here's what we found. Twins? Not so much, but definitely a solid finger-lickin' connection.

We've got nothing but love for Cheetos, Agyness Deyn, and Britney Spears (past and present), but this orange-powdered snack association is too strong to ignore.

via EV Grieve


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