Alan Hevesi Paroled; Told to Avoid Criminals. Return to New York Politics Officially Illegal

Corrupt former New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi was paroled today after serving 19 months of a four-year prison sentence for pocketing more than $1 million in benefits in a pension fund scam that ended the career of the longtime pol.

And because the terms of Hevesi's parole require him to avoid hanging around with other criminals, a return to New York politics is now virtually impossible/officially illegal.

Read the terms of Hevesi's parole below:

DECISION: APPROVED OPEN DATE: 12/19/2012 OR EARLIER COMMENTS: OPEN DATE OE UPON RECEIPT OF APPROVED FIELD INVESTIGATION DECIDING BOARD MEMBER: LUDLOW,G. KEVIN OTHER MEMBER(S): SMITH,W. WILLIAM JR., HAGLER,MICHAEL A. THE PANEL NOTES YOUR RECEIPT OF AN EARNED ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATE, WHICH PURSUANT TO CORRECTION LAW 805 IS A REBUTTABLE PRESUMPTION OF PAROLE RELEASE. IT IS FURTHER NOTED THAT YOU HAVE SERVED NINETEEN (19) MONTHS OF A FOUR YEAR MAXIMUM. YOU HAVE THUS SERVED SIGNIFICANT TIME BEYOND YOUR MINIMUM SENTENCE OF ONE YEAR IMPOSED BY THE COURT. THE PANEL FINDS NO UPDATED OFFICIAL OPPOSITION ON THIS SECOND APPEARANCE BEFORE THE BOARD OF PAROLE. YOUR STATEMENT OF REMORSE FOR DAMAGE CAUSED TO THE STATE OF NEW YORK, THE OFFICE OF STATE COMPTROLLER AND ITS EMPLOYEES IS ACKNOWLEDGED. YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH AND FAMILY ISSUES ARE ALSO ACKNOWLEDGED. THE COMPAS RE-ENTRY RISK ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENT ON FILE INDICATES THAT YOU WOULD BE A "LOW" RISK IF ON PAROLE. FURTHERMORE, THE PANEL CONCLUDES THAT, PURSUANT TO EXECUTIVE LAW SECTION 259, YOU WOULD NOT POSE A PROBABLE RISK OF SAFETY TO THE COMMUNITY. THEREFORE, THE BOARD CONCLUDES THAT YOU SHOULD CONTINUE TO SERVE THE BALANCE OF YOUR SENTENCE UNDER COMMUNITY SUPERVISION, SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS UNTIL HIS COMMUNITY SUPERVISION EXPIRES ON APRIL 14, 2015: 1. I WILL ABIDE BY A CURFEW ESTABLISHED BY THE PAROLE OFFICER. 2. I WILL NOT ASSOCIATE IN ANY WAY OR COMMUNICATE BY ANY MEANS WITH ASSOCIATES: HENRY MORRIS, ELLIOT BROIDY AND DAVID LOGLISCI WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE PAROLE OFFICER. 3. I WILL COOPERATE WITH ALL MEDICAL REFERRALS AND TREATMENT RECOMMENDATIONS. The general conditions of release are: 1. I will proceed directly to the area to which I have been released and, within twenty-four hours of my release, make my arrival report to that office of the Division of Parole unless other instructions are designated on my release agreement. 2. I will make office and/or written reports as directed. 3. I will not leave the State of New York or any other state to which I am released or transferred, or any area defined in writing by my Parole Officer without permission. 4. I will permit my Parole Officer to visit me at my residence and/or place of employment and I will permit the search and inspection of my person, residence, d property. I will discuss any proposed changes in my residence, employment, or program status with my Parole Officer. I understand that I have an immediate and continuing duty to notify my Parole Officer of any changes in my residence, employment, or program status when circumstances beyond my control make prior discussion impossible. 5. I will reply promptly, fully, and truthfully to any inquiry of, or communication by my Parole Officer or other representative of the Division of Parole. 6. I will notify my Parole Officer immediately any time I am in contact with, or arrested by, any law enforcement agency. I understand that I have a continuing duty to notify my Parole Officer of such contact or arrest. 7. I will not be in the company of, or fraternize with any person I know to have a criminal record or whom I know to have been adjudicated a Youthful Offender, except for accidental encounters in public places, work, school, or in any other instance with the permission of my Parole Officer. 8. I will not behave in such manner as to violate the provisions of any law to which I am subject, which provides for a penalty of imprisonment, nor will my behavior threaten the safety or well-being of myself or others. 9. I will not own, possess, or purchase any shotgun, rifle, or firearm of any type without the written permission of my Parole Officer. I will not own, possess, or purchase any deadly weapon as defined in the Penal Law or any dangerous knife, dirk, razor, stiletto, or imitation pistol. In addition, I will not own, possess or purchase any instrument readily capable of causing physical injury without a satisfactory explanation for ownership, possession or purchase. 10. In the event that I leave the jurisdiction of the State of New York, I hereby waive my right to resist extradition to the State of New York from any state in the Union and from any territory or country outside the United States. This waiver shall be in full force and effect until I am discharged from Parole or Conditional Release. I fully understand that I have the right under the Constitution of the United States and under law to contest any effort to extradite me from another state and return me to New York, and I freely and knowingly waive this right as a condition of my Parole or Conditional Release. 11. I will not use or possess any drug paraphernalia or use or possess any controlled substance without proper medical authorization. 12. Special Conditions: (as specified by the Board of Parole, Parole Officer or other authorized representative). 13. I will fully comply with the instructions of my Parole Officer and obey such special additional written conditions as he/she, a member of the Board of Parole, or an authorized representative of the Division of Parole, may impose.

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