amNY Finds Holiday Sex More Plentiful, Depressing

Why should glossies have all the pointless holiday lifestyle features? amNY does a modish cover story proposing yuletide as "The Season of Sex" -- though, as befits a subway-steps hand-out, it's not so much arousing as clinical. Bodega condom sales are one leading indicator: "I don't know about women, but men like to have fun in the winter more than in summer," says a clerk who, understandably, will not give his name. A professor is hauled in to explain the link between holiday intercourse and autumn birth rates, and to make it more unsexy, a Bronx man says it's "because you stay in the house all day in the winter... There's nothing to else to do." (All day?) Also: "New Year's irresolution fueled by alcohol and partying is another contributing factor." They make it sound so tawdry. Between this and the nude Blagojevich painting, we'll be keeping our long underwear on until the new Vanity Fair arrives.

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