Anna Chapman Trademarked Her Name

For whatever reason, we've followed the career ("career"?) of sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman with rapt attention -- from her arrest to her immediate ascent as a celebrity, from modeling to um, more modeling. Apparently, at least in her homeland, Chapman® is still a hot commodity because she recently took the step of trademarking her own name "to cash in on her growing popularity."

Reuters has the story, from a Russian news organization:

"Maybe she wants to open the 'Anna Chapman' dry-cleaner or make cookies," Nikolai Kravtsov, an official at the agency, told Reuters by telephone, adding that she had registered for the trademark in August. ... Chapman, nicknamed Agent "90-60-90" by the Russian press, referring to her alleged measurements, asked to register her name as a trademark for eight lines of merchandise, including vodka, clothing and watches, popular daily Komsomolskaya Pravda reported, saying the trademark would last until 2020.

If nine more years of Anna Chapman® as an earning celeb seems overly optimistic, please do note that she recently launched a TV show called Mysteries of the World with Anna Chapman, which could conceivably go on forever.

Russian spy Chapman registers her name as trademark [Reuters]

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