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    Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm EMO

    The first time I heard Last Days of August was in the spring of 1984. The fact that the Nassau-based quintet didn't officially form until early '97 might make that pretty tough to believe, but let me explain. When I put the band's new self-titled F...

    by Valerie Acklin on September 7, 1999
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    A Leg To Stand On

    He's been performing on one leg for more than three decades now, and this Thursday, Ian Anderson leads Jethro Tull into the Jones Beach stage. He recently came out of the wood to take a phone call from Ian D'Giff: What's the story with the one-legge...

    by Ian D'Giff on September 7, 1999
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    Do The Continental

    Cz moge miec piwo? That's Polish for "Can I have a beer, please?" But knowing that much wasn't enough to even begin breaking down language barriers at POLONEZ. By day, it's a Polish restaurant, when "kielbasi" can let you pass. But on weekend nights,...

    by Stacy Albin on September 7, 1999
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    Read My Lips: Jeff Dunham and Friends

    Cranky, old-fart dummy Walter has spent his entire life with Jeff Dunham's hand up his ass. The Texas-bred ventriloquist will bring Walter and a host of other characters to Governor's in Levittown on Saturday and Sunday. Dunham and Walter recently ha...

    by Bill Jensen on September 7, 1999
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    Patchogue Before the Flood

    Phil and I are ensconced in his car, air-conditioning blasting. This time we are sans Smokey, his big black almost newfie/almost chow mix. We're on our way to Suffolk to check out the charity thrift shops, to see if they measure up to the Nassau Co...

    by Tanya Indiana on September 7, 1999
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    Brando Didn't Get Fat By Accident

    Background Check People seem to have trouble finding Bayville even with their Hagstrom's out. This is okay with Bayvillagers. Outsiders only seem to come up here for The Breakers and Steve's Pier One. And only when the sun is out. What I Was Think...

    by Ron M. Beigel on September 7, 1999
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    Rachel's Selenography Quarterstick This unique chamber-music collective fuses avant-garde and minimalist "classical" styles with the tactile rock aesthetic of such outfits as Slint and June of 44. Most of the time this makes for an enticing combi...

    on September 7, 1999
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    Party, boys! Ward Harkavy's recent article [Golden Boy, Cover Story, Aug. 5] regarding the financial situation of Nassau County Executive Tom Gulotta hit the nail right on the head. Harkavy made it obvious that the county's fiscal problems are n...

    on September 7, 1999
  • One-bedroom apartment with terrace in 1960s Mitchell-Lama regulated high-rise


    One-bedroom apartment with terrace in 1960s Mitchell-Lama regulated high-rise

    Location Brighton Beach Rent $236.80 (government subsidized) Square feet 450 Occupant Etta Sherez (retired; former hatmaker; supervising clerk, Department of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity) You're going away from here soon, from your apart...

    by Toni Schlesinger on August 31, 1999
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    More Monkey Business

    The Kansas Board of Education doesn't want the Theory of Evolution to be taught in its public schools. Are you a man or a mouse? Franco Richard Age 51 Resides East Village Occupation Teacher Do you believe in evolution, c...

    by Edmund Lee on August 31, 1999
  • Coney Island High - Photographs By Regina Monfort


    Coney Island High - Photographs By Regina Monfort

    A hundred years of cotton candy, a hundred years of boardwalk romance, a hundred years of anything but solitude: Luna Park and Steeplechase may be long gone, but the last hot days of the century continue to draw seekers of summery pleasures to th...

    by Lynn Yaeger on August 31, 1999
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    Too Hot for 'Harper's' - 'Elle' Mag Rescues Gaitskill Essay on Not Wanting To Have Kids

    In a month when the fashion magazines become swollen with hundreds of pages of advertising and fluff, the September issue of 'Elle' offers a dangerously thoughtful essay by fiction writer Mary Gaitskill, who believes it is possible for a woman to cho...

    by Cynthia Cotts on August 31, 1999
  • Release the Hounds - Dog Racing— The Sport of Plebes


    Release the Hounds - Dog Racing The Sport of Plebes

    Picture the hallowed sport of kings, with all its attendant aesthetic charms; a slowly unwinding day at a rural setting while beautiful, muscular horses gallop mightily across red dirt in a powerful, natural rhythm. Now picture horse racing stripped...

    by Sinclair Rankin on August 31, 1999
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    Sole Searching - Men Meet To Find Feet

    Maybe it was when they were four, or seven, or maybe even 18, but at some point the serious foot lovers at last week's Foot Friends party realized that the bony, veiny body parts at the end of the leg were much more than a way to get around. "It was ...

    by Sharon Lerner on August 31, 1999
  • Digable Planet Community - Connect Launches Af Am Site as Next Step in Minority Content Empire


    Digable Planet Community - Connect Launches Af Am Site as Next Step in Minority Content Empire

    Omar Wasow is walking through the Soho offices of Silicon Alley company Community Connect looking for some fruit. The small staff of about 24 are harried, crisscrossing the floor, shouting across the room to each other. But Wasow is relaxed and cordi...

    by Edmund Lee on August 31, 1999
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    NY Mirror

    Who wants to be in the studio audience for 'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?' I did don't ask but my innocuous attempt to see the Regis Philbin hosted game show ended in disaster when press-phobic production assistants asked me to kindly slither b...

    by Michael Musto on August 31, 1999
  • It's Nation Time. Again. - A new vanguard of rap activists takes to the streets


    It's Nation Time. Again. - A new vanguard of rap activists takes to the streets

    This past weekend, a contingent of American rappers and activists boarded a plane for Havana to participate in the fifth Cuban rap festival and colloquium, an annual gathering convened to discuss that country's protean scene from perspectives musical...

    by Jon Caramanica on August 31, 1999
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    Tip o' the Cap

    Far be it from Uni Watch to discourage anyone from writing anything by hand in this keyboard-driven age, but the trend of ballplayers putting little handwritten tributes on their caps is getting seriously weird. The practice had appeared sporadically...

    by Paul Lukas on August 31, 1999
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    Bad Call - Baseball's Big Shots Strike Out At The Umpire's Union

    Their strategy was so bad that they now claim it wasn't serious. The major league umpires' mass resignation last month dared the lords of baseball to make do without them and, well, the lords said "ok." Now the umps claim they never really meant to r...

    by Joshua D. Gaynor on August 31, 1999
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    They Teams They Are A-Changing

    Hope you've enjoyed the Liberty's WNBA title run, because the team could look very different come next season. Kym Hampton, the All-Star center who's battled balky knees all year to bring the Lib to the brink of a championship, is retiring at season'...

    on August 31, 1999
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