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  • Two-Story Early-1950s House


    Two-Story Early-1950s House

    Location Whitestone, Queens Rent $0 Square feet 1600 Occupant Stuart Cohn (producer, MTV news and specials) Whew! That number 7 train. I think I was drugged. So was everyone else. We were dozing off like in Sleeping Beauty. They overheat the cars...

    by Toni Schlesinger on February 15, 2000
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    Wedded to Orthodoxy - The Future of Queer

    Can you say "LGBTST" 10 times quickly? If not, you'd better learn, or you'll be lost at the indoctrination sessions that CUNY's Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) has planned for this semester. The topic of February 7's panel, held at Baruc...

    by Norah Vincent on February 15, 2000
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    When the voluptuous Camryn Manheim won an Emmy for her role on The Practice, and dedicated it to "all the big girls!" women of all sizes cheered and the fat liberation movement went wild. Like Roseanne, Oprah Winfrey, Kathy Bates, and other large lad...

    by Tristan Taormino on February 15, 2000
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    NY Mirror

    Just when I was starting to mellow on models and think maybe they ain't so dumb after all, the one named Guinevere Van Seenus opens her trap and unleashes even more verbal caca than most runway girls spew half-chewed arugula. In an interview with the...

    by Michael Musto on February 15, 2000
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    Dont Touch That Dial - Cronkite Endorses Site for Socially Conscious Press Critics

    On February 7, Jonathan Yardley published a rant in The Washington Post about how the once noble art of press criticism has deteriorated into 'just another variation on the culture of narcissism, celebrity and gossip.' Exhibit A was, of course, the p...

    by Cynthia Cotts on February 15, 2000
  • Fantasy Island - The Fall 2000 Collections


    Fantasy Island - The Fall 2000 Collections

    If fashion is about anything, it's about the power of desire, the impulse that makes you gasp, 'I love that! I want to look like that!' when you see a particular outfit on the subway, or in a magazine, or on a runway. Nothing is staler than tameness ...

    by Lynn Yaeger on February 15, 2000
  • Show People - Behind the Scenes With the Drama Queens


    Show People - Behind the Scenes With the Drama Queens

    Scene 1 One-hour call backstage at the Westbeth Theater. Eight actors from the Tweed Fractured Classicks Series sit at mirrors in their communal dressing room making up for tonight's performance of 'Imitation of Imitation of Life,' director Kevi...

    by Guy Trebay on February 8, 2000
  • NY Mirror


    NY Mirror

    Kristin A. Bedford (marketing manager, computer network company; fashion designer) Income $50,000 (expected for 2000) Health Insurance covered by employer Rent $792/mo. Utilities included in rent Phone $45/mo. Food $400/mo. Transportation $...

    by Toni Schlesinger on February 8, 2000
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    In Stitches - Its Fashion Week. Are You a Clotheshorse or a Dressmakers Dummy?

    Aron Massey Age 28 Resides Manhattan Occupation Building maintenance Do you pay attention to fashion? I read GQ or The Source. I look for things that are a little different. I shop at Player on 145th, Harlem 125, and go to the Old Navy on 125th...

    by Coco McPherson on February 8, 2000
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    A Modest Proposal Norah Vincent, in her new Higher Ed column [" Hop on Pop," February 8], sneers that the contributors to Seinfeld and Philosophy: A Book About Everything and Nothing are "mostly third-rate philosophers from mostly substandard insti...

    on February 8, 2000
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    NY Mirror

    Beleaguered club kingpin Peter Gatien must be some kind of indestructible Canadian android because, despite all of Giuliani's efforts to mess with and/or shutter it, the Tunnel is more overrun with human beings than ever on a Saturday night (though i...

    by Michael Musto on February 8, 2000
  • Brooklyn Collage - photographs by Sandra-Lee Phipps


    Brooklyn Collage - photographs by Sandra-Lee Phipps

    The mysterious art space called DUMBA (could it be the feminist version of DUMBO?) was the wildly popular site of a clandestine party late last week. As snow swirled down on the cobblestoned streets, Semiautomatic and Le Tigre performed for an amusin...

    by Lynn Yaeger on February 8, 2000
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    Business and Edit: A Perfect Fit - In Which 'Brill's Content' Loses Its Virginity

    February 2 was a day of harmonic convergence on the media beat. It might have been cosmic (02-02-00 is a near palindrome) or just a coincidence. But anyone who was watching will never forget it. On the bright side, it was the day after the Poynter...

    by Cynthia Cotts on February 8, 2000
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    Rebound - Sugar Ray Richardson's Ship Be Stayin' Afloat in His New Life in Italy

    In a small town on the Mediterranean coast just north of Pisa, in a dilapidated arena that looks suspiciously like a converted airplane hangar, Livorno is playing Jesi for first place in Italian Seria B. At the far ends of the stands, rival groups cl...

    by Christopher Isenberg on February 8, 2000
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    Romancing the Right - Rudy's Secret and Saintly Letter Hits Home in the Heartland

    Read the actual letter from Giuliani. My dad died on Martin Luther King Day. A nuclear physicist with patents on irradiated hardwood flooring and foods, he had his own company in Lynchburg, Virginia, where he raised six children and, like most of ...

    by Wayne Barrett on February 8, 2000
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    Bailey Killing: Feds Clear Diallo Cop - But Family Seeks to Reopen Case

    Kenneth Boss, the white police officer on trial for killing Amadou Diallo, will not face federal civil rights charges in the 1997 fatal shooting of another black man in Brooklyn, the Voice has learned. Last week, U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch notified ...

    by Peter Noel on February 8, 2000
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    The Diallo Index

    Number of days before he was shot that sock peddler Amadou Diallo told his mother that he planned to buy Nike shoes and send them to his brothers in Guinea: 5 Total U.S. sales in dollars of Nike shoes for the third quarter of fiscal 1999: 828.5 mil...

    by Ward Harkavy on February 8, 2000
  • Skin Deep - Attila Richard Lukacs paints his dreams


    Skin Deep - Attila Richard Lukacs paints his dreams

    "I have this recurring dream where Im a serial killer," Attila Richard Lukacs reveals. Once, he woke up in such a panic that he couldn't tell the reverie from reality. He kept asking himself whether he'd ever murdered anyone. "I didn't know. It was ...

    by Richard Goldstein on February 8, 2000
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    McCain Enabled Say What? No Justice, No Greenpeace Bill's Place White Sale Republicans Prepare to Kill Their Own McCain Enabled As John McCain's campaign picks up support around the country, his strongest suit, in addition to his...

    by James Ridgeway on February 8, 2000
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    No Respect - Mild Manners, Wild Numbers Arent Enough for Stephon Marbury

    Out at the Meadowlands, just minutes after finishing off a 15-point, 11-assist performance in Sunday's 110-90 Nets win over the Warriors, Stephon Marbury was asked to rate his season. The famously outspoken Nets point guard, who drew foul calls from ...

    by Ben Osborne on February 8, 2000
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