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    Wood You Believe This? - City Still Using Tropical Trees for Benches

    Are you sitting on a park bench? Well, you may need to stand up for this Onechances are that bench is made of old-growth, uncertified rainforest wood. New York City is the largest municipal consumer of such wood in North America. And according to en...

    by Suzanne Latshaw on November 16, 1999
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    Sign Language - Brooklyn Community to Landlords: No Evictions!

    'Landlords, Supers, People of Brooklyn!!' screams a flyer on a streetlight just a few blocks west of Prospect Park. It sounds like the author might launch into some high-minded civic appeal, but that possibility is deflated by the next line: 'Know of...

    by J.A. Lobbia on November 16, 1999
  • The $65,000 Question - Why Is Fred Napoleoni Still a Cop?


    The $65,000 Question - Why Is Fred Napoleoni Still a Cop?

    His five known victims are black and Jewish. Three of them, neighborhood dirt bike thrill-seekers, were barely teenagers. One was a frightened 12-year-old who urinated in his pants at the 78th Precinct station house in Brooklyn. The others were an in...

    by Peter Noel on November 16, 1999
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    Managed Care Changeover: Bad Rx? - Care for Thousands of Patients Threatened

    The city has finally begun the long-awaited task of assigning medicaid recipients to managed care plans. But, in the midst of the chaotic process that will change the way hundreds of thousands of people get health care, some on medicaid are being enr...

    by Sharon Lerner on November 16, 1999
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    Keeping the VP Gore-Free Hey, Doc, Gimme That New Drug Five Years Just Isn't Enough Spy vs. Spy Y2KILL Keeping the VP Gore-Free L'il Al in 'Nam Just when you're beginning to feel sorry for Al Gore, with all the people piling on him day...

    by James Ridgeway on November 16, 1999
  • The Way We Were - Richard Avedon Frames the `60s


    The Way We Were - Richard Avedon Frames the `60s

    If there is a classic Richard Avedon portrait, it's not the one near the end of his latest photo book, The Sixties. The picture wasn't even shot in the '60s but in 1971, when its subjectand the movementwere already past their ironic prime. And it's...

    by Richard Goldstein on November 16, 1999
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    Pure Play - At the re:play Conference, the Gaming World Longs for Legitimacy

    A throng of mostly white, mostly male game developers, players, and enthusiasts crowded the lobby of New School's Tishman auditorium Saturday. Bookbags circa 1980, Palm Pilots, notebooks, and pocket protectors were immediately visible. You imagine th...

    by Edmund Lee on November 16, 1999
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    Jockrock: Are You Ready for Some Football? If your NFL Gameday package, fantasy league, and office betting pool aren't enough to scratch that football itch, you might wanna check out The Football Albums, a pair of new CDs by the California indie-ro...

    on November 16, 1999
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    Mixin' It Up - The Main Events

    The gloves have been on more than usual this year for the league's various on-ice mercenariesfight numbers are down. And roster sizes have been shrunk yet again, eliminating that extra spot or two for a team to load up on the muscle. Is fighting on ...

    by Mike Beaver on November 16, 1999
  • A Real Man - Brooklyn girl grows hair on her chest


    A Real Man - Brooklyn girl grows hair on her chest

    When you consider what happened to the now famous transsexual Brandon Teena in Nebraska in 1993, you begin to appreciate how much courage it takes to be a man. To be a man, that is, when you started life as a woman. The current film 'Boys Don't Cry' ...

    by Norah Vincent on November 16, 1999
  • This Used to Be My Playground - Giulianiís Plans for a Parade Grounds Ballpark Leave Kids Out in the Cold


    This Used to Be My Playground - Giulianis Plans for a Parade Grounds Ballpark Leave Kids Out in the Cold

    It isn't much of a park, as parks go: a couple rows of trees, wide expanses of uneven patchy grass, some crumbling concrete bleachers behind the aged backstops. Still, go out to Brooklyn's Parade Grounds any day of the week, and you'll find every f...

    on November 16, 1999
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    Location, location, location

    Your place or mine? Or how about the back of a mail truck? Or a teacher's desk? Any port in a storm. TRISH, 30, BAYSIDE I was a real nasty girl. I was willing to please. I would have done anything for him to accept me. We were in the city. It was tw...

    by Ellen Burris on November 16, 1999
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    Double take

    I've just found what could be the best little resale shop on the Island: Look Twice, in Rockville Centre. Imagine a black-label Armani woolen ladies' suit jacket for $75 and a vintage Gucci signature print handbag for $44! You'll get a little art ch...

    by Tanya Indiana on November 16, 1999
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    Dead or alive

    As one half of the Grateful Dead's Rhythm Devils drumming tandem, percussionist Mickey Hart has caused legions of dancing Heads to search out their tribal roots and immerse themselves into altered states via rhythm. In his third book, Spirit Into Sou...

    by Ian D'Giff on November 16, 1999
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    Where's the beef?

    In a protest movement that's strictly from hunger, Nassau Community College's students can almost taste victory. But that elusive fast-food hamburger, which they insist is worth fighting for, may still be beyond their grasp. Since January 1998, the ...

    by Bill Jensen on November 16, 1999
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    The man show

    Age matters in a place with jailbait running around. But does the 34-year-old smoothie at GROUND ZERO on this Friday night have to start a rap by asking a woman her age? Even before he opens his mouth, he stands out. Mr. Smooth is old enough to dat...

    by Stacy Albin on November 16, 1999
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    The Democrats' bash

    The lights went out in Democratic candidate Bonnie Eisler's house just before the polls closed Nov. 2 and the last of Nassau County's voters finished jamming their wrenches into the Republican machine. It turned out to be a symbolic moment, like J...

    by Laura Conaway on November 16, 1999
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    Lighten up, pal As one of the comedians who contributes to Stand-Up University at Governor's comedy club in Levittown, I must admit I was pleased when Voice writer Stacy Albin told us she wanted to do a story about our comedy class. But when her ar...

    on November 16, 1999
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    Bean there, done that

    What I'm Thinking I wandered into my local Boston Market recently as the woman behind the counter was on the phone trying to contact the Nassau County Board of Health. It was after five and no one answered her call. She explained to me that there was...

    by Ron M. Beigel on November 16, 1999
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    Foiling FOIA - Will the Justice Department Limit Public Access to Information?

    The Department of Justice is considering a push to repeal elements of the Freedom of Information Act, the Voice has confirmed. The change is "aimed at drafting a limited statutory exemption for information," said Steve Mitchell, the department lawye...

    by Mark Boal on November 9, 1999
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