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    Spoilsports of the Century - Robin Ficker, NBA Heckler, 1980s90s

    "Hey future governor Barkley," Robin Ficker once screamed from courtside at the old Capital Centre, "how do you feel about NAFTA, about health care reform, about tax cuts?" "Uh, I don't know," replied the NBA all-star aspiring politician. "But I do...

    by John Stravinsky on September 7, 1999
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    Gender Bending in Queens

    It took an unprecedented rash of injuries in the tournament's early days, but there's been a welcome reversal of gender roles at this year's U.S. Open. With three of the planet's top five hard-court players out world No. 1 Pete Sampras; defending ch...

    on September 7, 1999
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    Chillin' With Uncle Sam - Feds to Teens: Just Say No, Dude

    The strangest site on the Internet has to be freevibe.com. Check it out if you're skeptical, and read the bizarre postings about the dangers of illegal drugs. They are written in the style of Seventeen magazine, in which grown-ups pepper their prose ...

    by Mark Boal on September 7, 1999
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    Bitter Battle at Domino Sugar - Strike Continues at One of Waterfront's Last Big Factories

    Williamsburg's Gen-X hipsters may believe they live in the new Greenwich Village, but along this Brooklyn neighborhood's still-gritty waterfront the latest turf battle is not between yuppie and artist. Instead, the latest dispute pits two groups wit...

    by Richard Rubin on September 7, 1999
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    Rachel's Selenography Quarterstick This unique chamber-music collective fuses avant-garde and minimalist "classical" styles with the tactile rock aesthetic of such outfits as Slint and June of 44. Most of the time this makes for an enticing combi...

    on September 7, 1999
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    Ethnic Mysteries Revealed

    Rajesh Kumar was managing fast food stores around Long Island in the mid-'80s when his wife, Geeta, decided she wanted a career of her own. She thought it would be nice to open a small Indian grocery on the Island, to give their community a place to ...

    on September 7, 1999
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    Gray Hair? Pink Slip! - At Cond Nast, If You're Postmenopausal, You're Dead

    In recent weeks, as two thirtysomething editors were hired to replace two fiftysomethings at Cond Nast Publications (CNP), some observers saw the news as a baleful sign for aging employees. Or, as one framed the issue, "Where do Cond Nast women go...

    by Cynthia Cotts on September 7, 1999
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    Sasha Zand

    According to this site, Sasha Zand is a native Long Islander back in Glen Cove after stints in California and London (where he was in a band called Feather). The three tracks available online are unified by a jangling, strumming mid-tempo guitar styl...

    by Michael Giacalone on September 7, 1999
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    C. Boogie Brown Does It Independently

    Charlie Brown, a founder and one of the three emcees of the legendary LI-born Leaders of the New School crew that also included Busta Rhymes and Dinco D, has been doing his thing on the independent tip these days as president of Enpsalm Multimedia Mu...

    by A.J. Woodson on September 7, 1999
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    Splendor in the Grass

    Cross Rushmore with Cheech and Chong and you might get Outside Providence, an unassuming fish-out-of-water, coming-of-age movie for stoners. Based on a novel by Peter Farrelly (of the Farrelly brothers) about growing up working-class in Rhode Island ...

    by Amy Taubin on September 7, 1999
  • Shadow of the Ivory Tower - NYU'S building frenzy blocks the sun and burns the community


    Shadow of the Ivory Tower - NYU'S building frenzy blocks the sun and burns the community

    While you can, grab a glimpse of the sky on the south side of Washington Square Park, before the Monument obscures your view. New York University's Loeb Student Center, a fab midcentury modernist gem by some standards, is about to be demolished guts...

    by Lenora Todaro on September 7, 1999
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    Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm EMO

    The first time I heard Last Days of August was in the spring of 1984. The fact that the Nassau-based quintet didn't officially form until early '97 might make that pretty tough to believe, but let me explain. When I put the band's new self-titled F...

    by Valerie Acklin on September 7, 1999
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    'Dollar Bill' Bucks the Odds - The Great Liberal Hope from Wall Street

    Washington The Democratic nomination would seem to be Al Gore's to blow. Despite his probable ascendency, however, the myriad missteps of the vice president's inept (and increasingly rightward-tilting) campaign compared to Bill Bradley's ploddin...

    by Jason Vest on September 7, 1999
  • Kent Graham's Giant Steps


    Kent Graham's Giant Steps

    Something's noticeably missing in Giants camp this fall. It isn't veteran wide receiver Chris Calloway, who was cut last spring despite placing third on the team's all-time receptions list. And it isn't run-stuffing defensive end Chad Bratzke, who fo...

    by Brian P. Dunleavy on September 7, 1999
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    Do The Continental

    Cz moge miec piwo? That's Polish for "Can I have a beer, please?" But knowing that much wasn't enough to even begin breaking down language barriers at POLONEZ. By day, it's a Polish restaurant, when "kielbasi" can let you pass. But on weekend nights,...

    by Stacy Albin on September 7, 1999
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    Read My Lips: Jeff Dunham and Friends

    Cranky, old-fart dummy Walter has spent his entire life with Jeff Dunham's hand up his ass. The Texas-bred ventriloquist will bring Walter and a host of other characters to Governor's in Levittown on Saturday and Sunday. Dunham and Walter recently ha...

    by Bill Jensen on September 7, 1999
  • Ava Gerber - Artist; investor; furniture dealer


    Ava Gerber - Artist; investor; furniture dealer

    Income $13,591 (1998) Health Insurance $0/mo. Mortgage $1462/mo. (paid by two tenants) Utilities $80/mo. Phone $150/mo. Food $400/mo. Transportation $150/mo. Is Ava Gerber like Dostoyevsky's Alexey Ivanovitch at the gaming table, when he says...

    by Toni Schlesinger on September 7, 1999
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    Socks in the Long Grass - Hillary Moves In

    Landing in the Hamptons in the stealth of night, Hillary marched through New York last week. She encountered little serious opposition, raised money, bought a $1.7 million Westchester home ($350,000 down, $1.35 millon loan guaranteed by longtime Clin...

    by James Ridgeway on September 7, 1999
  • The Trojan Elephant - Gay Republicans Are Looking For Love In All the Wrong Places


    The Trojan Elephant - Gay Republicans Are Looking For Love In All the Wrong Places

    Plus: Rudy's Free Ride When Gandhi was asked what he thought of Western civilization, he replied, "I think it would be a very good idea." The same can be said of the media-fed myth that Republicans are ready to reconcile with gays. It would be grea...

    by Richard Goldstein on September 7, 1999
  • Tools of the Trader - Could the NYSE Hold the Key to the Future of Electronic Trading?


    Tools of the Trader - Could the NYSE Hold the Key to the Future of Electronic Trading?

    It's a slow day on Wall Street in late August, but the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) still feels like the inside of a Jiffy Pop. Old-boy brokers are capering with the bored confidence that accompanies an economic heyday. One p...

    by Amanda Griscom on September 7, 1999
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