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    Sign Language - Brooklyn Community to Landlords: No Evictions!

    'Landlords, Supers, People of Brooklyn!!' screams a flyer on a streetlight just a few blocks west of Prospect Park. It sounds like the author might launch into some high-minded civic appeal, but that possibility is deflated by the next line: 'Know of...

    by J.A. Lobbia on November 16, 1999
  • The $65,000 Question - Why Is Fred Napoleoni Still a Cop?


    The $65,000 Question - Why Is Fred Napoleoni Still a Cop?

    His five known victims are black and Jewish. Three of them, neighborhood dirt bike thrill-seekers, were barely teenagers. One was a frightened 12-year-old who urinated in his pants at the 78th Precinct station house in Brooklyn. The others were an in...

    by Peter Noel on November 16, 1999
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    Managed Care Changeover: Bad Rx? - Care for Thousands of Patients Threatened

    The city has finally begun the long-awaited task of assigning medicaid recipients to managed care plans. But, in the midst of the chaotic process that will change the way hundreds of thousands of people get health care, some on medicaid are being enr...

    by Sharon Lerner on November 16, 1999
  • The Way We Were - Richard Avedon Frames the `60s


    The Way We Were - Richard Avedon Frames the `60s

    If there is a classic Richard Avedon portrait, it's not the one near the end of his latest photo book, The Sixties. The picture wasn't even shot in the '60s but in 1971, when its subjectand the movementwere already past their ironic prime. And it's...

    by Richard Goldstein on November 16, 1999
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    Pure Play - At the re:play Conference, the Gaming World Longs for Legitimacy

    A throng of mostly white, mostly male game developers, players, and enthusiasts crowded the lobby of New School's Tishman auditorium Saturday. Bookbags circa 1980, Palm Pilots, notebooks, and pocket protectors were immediately visible. You imagine th...

    by Edmund Lee on November 16, 1999
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    'Access' Denied - Studios seethe over HSX predictions

    NBC's entertainment newsmagazine Access Hollywood thought it was being hip when it first aired its new Internet-derived segment "Battle @ the Box Office" on November 5, but it ended up with controversy instead. The segment featured Max Keiser, cofou...

    by Peter Braunstein on November 16, 1999
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    Mixin' It Up - The Main Events

    The gloves have been on more than usual this year for the league's various on-ice mercenariesfight numbers are down. And roster sizes have been shrunk yet again, eliminating that extra spot or two for a team to load up on the muscle. Is fighting on ...

    by Mike Beaver on November 16, 1999
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    Keeping the VP Gore-Free Hey, Doc, Gimme That New Drug Five Years Just Isn't Enough Spy vs. Spy Y2KILL Keeping the VP Gore-Free L'il Al in 'Nam Just when you're beginning to feel sorry for Al Gore, with all the people piling on him day...

    by James Ridgeway on November 16, 1999
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    Jockrock: Are You Ready for Some Football? If your NFL Gameday package, fantasy league, and office betting pool aren't enough to scratch that football itch, you might wanna check out The Football Albums, a pair of new CDs by the California indie-ro...

    on November 16, 1999
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    Suhas Charges - Politicians and Pundits Miss the Point

    'Blood Libel!' the tabloid screams, pronouncing the death of a candidacy that hasn't even been declared yet. Pundits insist that Hillary Clinton cannot win a U.S. Senate seat without the bulk of New York's Jewish vote-as much as 15 percent of the ele...

    by Alisa Solomon on November 16, 1999
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    Victor Morales - (waiter, Belgo; fiction writer)

    Income $21,000 (1999) Health Insurance none Rent $400/mo. Utilities $60/mo. Phone $30/mo. Food $250/mo. Transportation $55/mo. Victor Morales, 23, was standing in Belgo wearing his 1950s eyeglasses and a severe black monk's habit with a lot ...

    by Toni Schlesinger on November 9, 1999
  • NY Mirror


    NY Mirror

    If you heard a loud, lively boom uptown the other night, it was the sound of the art and scandal worlds festively smashing into each other at the opening of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders's portrait exhibit at the Mary Boone Gallery. The boundary-crossin...

    by Michael Musto on November 9, 1999
  • Press Lords Bow to a Torturer - Time Warner and Human Rights


    Press Lords Bow to a Torturer - Time Warner and Human Rights

    The Committee To Protect Journalists is the most valuable of all press organizations because it goes beyond First Amendment rights here at home to safeguard the right of all journalists in the world to be protected from governments that imprison, t...

    by Nat Hentoff on November 9, 1999
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    The XXX Files

    The night I went to the Flea to see Lava Love, the extraordinary dance-cum-circus-performance full of death-defying feats by strong, luscious ladies, I spotted Sigourney Weaver in the audience. She was dressed in a red leather jacket and a fabulous b...

    by Tristan Taormino on November 9, 1999
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    Part 2: A Tale of Two Brothers - Fela Didn't Believe AIDS Existed. But then he died of the disease. His brother is still trying to convince Fela's fans that HIV is real.

    Additional articles in this series. LAGOS, NIGERIAThis is not an easy country, but Lagos, Nigeria's teeming megacity, is almost fantastical in its difficulties. Rarely do 24 hours pass without a blackout, and power outages lasting weeks are comm...

    by Mark Schoofs on November 9, 1999
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    Comparing Pain In response to the article written by Peter Noel, "The Hate That Hate Produced" [November 2]: In the four centuries of the Middle Passage more than 60 million people were taken from the continent of Africaone-third of whom never ma...

    on November 9, 1999
  • The Shock of the Old - Strange Days at Anthropologie and Restoration Hardware


    The Shock of the Old - Strange Days at Anthropologie and Restoration Hardware

    'She could not help feeling the claim of each trinket and valuable upon her personally, and yet she did not stop. There was nothing there which she could not have used-nothing which she did not long to own. The dainty slippers and stockings, the deli...

    by Lynn Yaeger on November 9, 1999
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    Fahrenheit 212 - Some Parents Want to Ban the Harry Potter Books. Are You Censorial?

    Michael Nicholas Age 27 Resides Bronx Occupation Occupation Sales associate Did your parents censor what you read as a kid? Yes. As a Jehovah's Witness, I wasn't allowed to read certain things. Do you or would you censor your children's books? ...

    by Coco McPherson on November 9, 1999
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    A Weak Week As the Politicians Turn Oddly disconnected from the real world of politics, the presidential campaign pokes along on its own narrow bandwidth. Last week we saw Boring Gore taking a leaf out of Clinton's book and getting a shot in the ar...

    by James Ridgeway on November 9, 1999
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    Foiling FOIA - Will the Justice Department Limit Public Access to Information?

    The Department of Justice is considering a push to repeal elements of the Freedom of Information Act, the Voice has confirmed. The change is "aimed at drafting a limited statutory exemption for information," said Steve Mitchell, the department lawye...

    by Mark Boal on November 9, 1999
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