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    Thanks for submitting Just a quick note to let you know I really enjoyed your article on submissiveness and bondage [The Beat Goes on, News, Aug. 26]. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people that are interested as well. My friends and I have ...

    on September 21, 1999
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    Talk Radio and the Police - WABC Chills the Air

    When will you apologize Haniti for the Rape of Abner Louimas character & reputation? It was forethought & systematic you skumbag. The guy should sue you. What you did was outright slander. A vicious hit by a kop lovin kreep. One of the faxes sent...

    by Nat Hentoff on September 14, 1999
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    This ain't no Disclo In "Gay Conservatives Confront the Pride Divide" [September 7], Norah Vincent calls her admission that she gave a speech to the Log Cabin Republican conference she reported on "full disclosure." It's really something far more c...

    on September 14, 1999
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    Lap Dancing in Queens?

    When the stripper's-worst-nightmare- for-a-mayor first began his bogus, antisex "rezoning plan," I heard that adult playgrounds would be relegated to industrial areas in the 718. Is the sex industry thriving in the outer boroughs? Where can a girl go...

    by Tristan Taormino on September 14, 1999
  • Two-bedroom apartment in building with courtyard


    Two-bedroom apartment in building with courtyard

    Location Chelsea Rent $668.98 (rent stabilized) Square feet 600 Occupant Lisa Gaye (cult movie queen; Web site designer) Hi. Come over here in the kitchen. Look at this floor. Getting those tiles off nearly killed me. Once I started, there was n...

    by Toni Schlesinger on September 14, 1999
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    Mud and Desire - Playwright Maria Irene Fornes, Off-Off-Broadway Vet, Owns This Year's Signature Theatre Stage

    "Am I the only survivor?" The question pops into the conversation innocent and unexpected, the way someone might ask whether it's still raining outside. But when Maria Irene Fornes wonders aloud whether she is the only playwright from the Off-Off-Bro...

    by Alisa Solomon on September 14, 1999
  • NY Mirror


    NY Mirror

    My tired ass has watched Wigstock morph over the years from an East Villagey performance-art showcase to a splashy showbiz parade dripping in production numbersbut what production numbers! From Shasta Cola s mammoth homage to Bjrk to Richard M...

    by Michael Musto on September 14, 1999
  • Creature Feature


    Creature Feature

    A star-studded cotillion of Manhattan luminaries and their frisky friendssome furry, some featheredgathered last week at the Jivamukti Yoga Center for a vegetarian dinner party that was billed as an evening of Fashion and Fun, a Silent Auction, a...

    by Lynn Yaeger on September 14, 1999
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    Video Games Are Good for You - Blood, Guts, and Leadership Skills?

    Not the way echinacea is good for you, or the way the Soloflex is good for you, but good like gardening or travel. Video games are nutritious for the imagination. Now, you wouldn't know it from reading the paper, where id Software's first-person twit...

    by Austin Bunn on September 14, 1999
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    Blood From Stones - Troubleshooters Wrangle HMO Bills

    Frank Madden has no trouble with numbers; he's a financial broker, at home with subtotals, percentages, columns of figures. But his medical bills were beyond his grasp. 'The paperwork was, like, ridiculous,' says Madden, who has chronic health proble...

    by Sharon Lerner on September 14, 1999
  • Killer Instincts - The Aesthetics of Gore


    Killer Instincts - The Aesthetics of Gore

    Good games are as much about atmosphere as adventure. The spooky video game Shadow Man, from Acclaim Studios Teeside (released on PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and PC), is steeped in a dark voodoo mojo that can be hard to shake. The game stars Mike LeRoi...

    by Austin Bunn on September 14, 1999
  • What, Me Digital? - Alfred 'Electronic' Newman? It's stark, raving, totally 'Mad'


    What, Me Digital? - Alfred 'Electronic' Newman? It's stark, raving, totally 'Mad'

    For a Summer issue in 1971, MAD magazine artist Al Jaffee wrote a prescient satire of some creepy new machines called computers. In a strip anticipating cybersex, a guy goes to a computer dating service only to wind up with the homely receptionist. I...

    by David Kushner on September 14, 1999
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    Ex Machina - Confessions of a Former Gamer

    The last good game I played was at the old Playland in Times Square a few years back. Every afternoon, the arC would fill with businessmen on their lunch breaks, random passersby, and scores of high school kids who cut class to spill guts and gobble...

    by Edmund Lee on September 14, 1999
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    HBO Tells 'Sopranos' Publicist To Fuggedaboudit - Conservative, gifted, and black: too different for 'diversity'?

    Sunday night, instead of attending the Emmys in Los Angeles, Frances Edwards sat at home in New Jersey watching the glittery ceremony on television. She was shocked when James Gandolfini, a/k/a Tony Soprano, lost the Best Actor award to Dennis Franz....

    by Frank Owen on September 14, 1999
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    Mano a Mano - TrinidadDe La Hoya Boxing Showdown in Latino Land

    Fajardo, Puerto Rico As he was about to board promoter Don King's private jet, which would fly him from his native Puerto Rico to Las Vegas for his showdown with Oscar De La Hoya, Felix "Tito" Trinidad made it clear that he was fighting for his coun...

    by Ed Morales on September 14, 1999
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    What? No Smoking Gun? - The 'Times' Backs Off Cox Report, Wen Ho Lee Allegations

    It may have looked like just another worthy offering from the paper of record, but 'The New York Times"s page-one, column-one story on September 7 caused a huge stir in city newsrooms last week. 'Spies vs. Sweat: The Debate Over China's Nuclear Advan...

    by Cynthia Cotts on September 14, 1999
  • The Big Fix - Corruption In DC 37, Part Two: How the Union's Bosses Rule By Fraud and Intimidation


    The Big Fix - Corruption In DC 37, Part Two: How the Union's Bosses Rule By Fraud and Intimidation

    New York City's latest landmark to political corruption is a squat, one-story post office located at 2727 Mermaid Avenue. Here, surrounded by the towers of Coney Island's ghetto projects, stands the headquarters of DC 37 vote fraud. From 1992 to 199...

    by Robert Fitch on September 14, 1999
  • Home is Where the Art Is - The Rebirth of Dixon Place


    Home is Where the Art Is - The Rebirth of Dixon Place

    It was born by accident, then nurtured like a calling, humble-but-lovable Dixon Place quickly developed into an indispensable part of the late-'80s theater scene. Today, it's even more crucial, maybe the last venue in Manhattan where performers can p...

    by C. Carr on September 14, 1999
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    MTV: Behind the Music - VJs, Video Awards, and Li'l Kim's Boob

    First of all I'd like to give a shout-out to God for letting me write this column. I also want to thank my mom, my dad, my grandma, my sisters and brother and every single person I ever met, including my manager, my business manager, my personal assi...

    by Guy Trebay on September 14, 1999
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    Near-Death Experiences - In big-time tennis, that which does not kill you makes you stronger

    What's the toughest thing in sports? Hitting a baseball? Stopping a slapshot? Listening to Dick Vitale do color? My $.02? None of the above. The hardest thing is closing out a tight tennis match. Don't believe me? Ask Kim Clijsters. In the third rou...

    by Allen St. John on September 14, 1999
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