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    Giuliani vs. Thomas Jefferson - God Will Be the Curriculum

    I contemplate with solemn reverence that act of the whole American people [the Establishment Clause in the Constitution] which declared that there shall be a wall of separation between church and state. Thomas Jefferson in a letter to the Danbur...

    by Nat Hentoff on April 6, 1999
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    Burning Issues - Kosovo Crisis

    NATO bombs Yugoslavia, President Milosevic eviscerates Kosovo, there's a mass Albanian exodus, and Russia protests Western military action. Confused? John Stevens Age: 32 Resides: New Jersey Occupation: Waste management ...

    by Edmund Lee on April 6, 1999
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    Blown Away Last week's cover ["Diallo: The City Will Never Be the Same"] was chilling, and perfectly complemented your special section on the Amadou Diallo killing. At first, all I noticed was the blood and bullet holes. Then, while count...

    on April 6, 1999
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    NY Mirror - I chatted up Debbie Matenopoulos, whose mantra was, 'How sick is it that I'm up for an Emmy?'

    By now you've heard that Sir Ian McKellen and Monica Lewinsky were dates at the London premiere of Gods and Monsters. Pick your own joke: "They both like semen!" or "Finally, a guy who doesn't want to stick it in her mouth!" . . . The object of the m...

    by Michael Musto on April 6, 1999
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    Ode to Joi

    Boni Joi (poet; aerobics instructor; bibliographic assistant; window display designer) Income: $26,000 (1998) Health Insurance: none Rent: $700/mo. Utilities: $30/mo. Phone: $200/mo. Food: $250/mo. Transportation: $150/mo. I lived on ...

    by Toni Schlesinger on April 6, 1999
  • Tails of the City - Photos by Sandra-Lee Phipps


    Tails of the City - Photos by Sandra-Lee Phipps

    When a major midtown department store invited patrons to dress up their pets in a manner befitting the last spring season of the century, New Yorkers reacted with predictable enthusiasm, bedecking bulldogs with bunny ears, tabbies with tiaras,...

    by Lynn Yaeger on April 6, 1999
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    The New Real Thing - Barry McGee Throws Up in Soho

    Buzz, that most mysterious commodity, is even harder to parse in the art world, where the hype must be textured enough to reach a coveted coterie. But the rules of this game are not so different from what works on Fashion Avenue: stoke the media, sho...

    by Richard Goldstein on April 6, 1999
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    King Pong - Atari Fan Builds a Monument to an Era

    Curt Vendel witnessed the final death rattle of Atari. It happened like this. Early last year, the 32-year-old Staten Islander got a call from a friend in California who told him the last remains of Atari, Inc., were about to be liquidated. Permanent...

    by Danny Hakim on April 6, 1999
  • Article

    Machine Age

    Local Journalist Struggles With Bite-Sized Pun, Fails, Moves On: Who can forget the historic day, July 21, 1969? The headline makes it all clear again: "HOLY SHIT. MAN WALKS ON FUCKING MOON. Neil Armstrong's Historic First Words on Moon: 'Holy Livin...

    on April 6, 1999
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    Tests and Consequences - The Struggle Over HIV Information Goes On

    Last week New York's highest court decided that a man who didn't report being HIV positive when he applied for disability insurance was nonetheless entitled to receive his benefits. The ruling was "big," according to insurance lawyer Mark Scherzer, w...

    by Sharon Lerner on April 6, 1999
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    Season Opener - RGB Begins Annual Rent Ritual

    The Rent Guidelines Board will open its 1999 season next Tuesday, beginning its annual ritual of setting rent-hike rates for 2.4 million rent-stabilized tenants. But this year, the RGB has an additional, and unusual, task: finding a place to hold its...

    by J.A. Lobbia on April 6, 1999
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    Overkill - The Grand Guignol Murder of a Gay Man In Virginia

    Richmond, Virginia Eddie Northington was the type of guy a lot of people would probably have liked to kill. He was big. He was aggressive. He was a wiseass and a loudmouth. Lack of expertise didn't stop him from holding opinions on a variety of topi...

    by Guy Trebay on April 6, 1999
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    The Reflective Rudy - Memo to file: Rudy Giuliani, April 4, 1999

    The only Easter basket I got at home this morning was filled with rock candy minus the candy. Donna is getting to be one hell of a comic. She did the egg hunt on the Mansion south lawn again and that's her side, so I couldn't even watch. I understan...

    by Wayne Barrett on April 6, 1999
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    Speech Therapy - Ten Years After Ushering In the Era of P.C. Policing, The University of Wisconsin Sets Its Faculty Free

    Amy Kasper is Korean, but her parents are white, like just about everyone else in Hurley, Wisconsin, pop. 1762. Hurley is well-meaning folk, Kasper's quick to point out, but not so tolerant of difference. "Growing up, I was called every racist name f...

    by Jeff Howe on April 6, 1999
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    Truth or D.A.R.E. - The Dubious Drug-Education Program Takes New York

    Thirty sixth-graders begin to shout as a police officer enters their classroom at P.S. 20 on the Lower East Side. "Good morning, Officer Carla!" they call out to their favorite teacher. Officer Carla is Carla DeBlasio, 35, a one-time transit cop who ...

    by Jennifer Gonnerman on April 6, 1999
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    Not So Spre and Easy - Sprewell Battles His Rep As He Battles Opponents

    As Latrell Sprewell burst out of nowhere to fuel an impressive third-quarter run on Sunday before the Knicks ultimately fell to Indiana NBC's talking heads climbed on board a bandwagon already overflowing with armchair coach-psychologists trying to...

    by Sarah Smith on April 6, 1999
  • Article

    Beginner's Bad Luck

    The way baseball's Rookies of the Year (ROY) have gone in the '90s, future winners may demand a recount. There have always been flashes in the pan with the award (Gregg Olson chosen over Ken Griffey Jr. in 1989 comes to mind), but this decade has c...

    on April 6, 1999
  • Article

    John Stravinsky's Spoilsports of the Century - Charles Barkley, NBA 1984Present

    Cute nicknames like Boy Gorge and Round Mound of Rebound followed Charles Barkley's early thunder up NBA hardwoods. But after 14 truculent years, call him pro hoops' mouth that roars. Now that the future Hall of Famer has announced his plans to run f...

    by John Stravinsky on April 6, 1999
  • Article

    Clinton in a Spin - P.R. on War Out of Control

    For Clinton, everything is about feel-good spin. Thus, even as heartbreaking images of sick and starving refugees poured out of the Balkans on Monday, there was the king of diversion chuckling with smiling, well-fed children at the White House Easter...

    by James Ridgeway on April 6, 1999
  • Article

    Vanity Un-Fair?

    It seems that everywhere you go these days, journalists are whispering bad things about Brill's Content: either it's boring, or it's a bad place to work, or it's guaranteed to fold any day now. That's just the gossip du jour, but in fact editor in ch...

    by Cynthia Cotts on April 6, 1999
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