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    Surveillance Sorority - Behind the Cams at Voyeurdorm

    Alex looked about 20. She had short blond hair and wore white shorts and a spaghetti-strap top over a slim, tan body. She was sprawled on a couch and smoking a long cigarette. As she got up and glided out of range, a cam caught her bare back. When sh...

    by Mark Boal on August 3, 1999
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    How Tina Met Eddie Fungus Among Us Sorry, Al How Tina Met Eddie Last month, Eddie Dean was just a writer for Washington's City Paper, filing his first story for Tina Brown. Now, he is living the dream of every alternative press writer:...

    by Cynthia Cotts on August 3, 1999
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    Bittersweet Hereafter

    With preparations already under way to usher in the next century, many will turn to an onslaught of retrospectives for a remembrance of things past. There's certainly much to remember. After all, the most innovative feats that shaped this millennium ...

    by Clare Saliba and Athima Chansanchai on August 3, 1999
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    Electronic Yields - Charting the Race to Artificially Gauge Intelligence

    After 90 minutes of intense laboring at his keyboard, Jon Corey couldn't believe his eyes. A recent graduate of NYU's nursing division, he could nimbly bandage a bullet-wound victim. But when his computer went black during an electronically administe...

    by Ginger Adams Otis on August 3, 1999
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    Truthless I read Robert Davey's "The FBI and Flight 800" [July 20] with a great deal of interest. Three difficult years have passed since the crash. During this time, my family has grieved over the death of our beautiful 16-year-old daughter. Sin...

    on August 3, 1999
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    NY Mirror - My spies say that Playgirl is planning to run nude beach shots of Ricky Martin, presumably revealing la pinga loca.

    Where are you from?" and "Are you doing a load?" are the two most common questions in the air Wednesday nights at King Sized Laundry, a 24-hour Chelsea laundromatdry cleaner that's been playing host to a cleansing event called Spin Cycle Comedy for ...

    by Michael Musto on August 3, 1999
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    Brain Drain - Morphing student techies into a modern-day breakfast club

    The day Max Adelman got a pepperoni pizza delivered to his doorstep, he knew he was being courtedheavily. Max was a computer engineering junior at the University of Michigan and the pie came from an interested party over 200 miles away in Chicago. ...

    by Michael Zilberman on August 3, 1999
  • Cruising Altitude - A Visionary Inventor Takes the High Roadó 
and Builds a Car That Flies


    Cruising Altitude - A Visionary Inventor Takes the High Road and Builds a Car That Flies

    Flying cars have always been the favored mode of sci-fi transportwithout them, Deckard, Skywalker, Buck Rogers, and George Jetson would have been horseless cowboys. Now these space pods are the next logical evolution in transportation, the most prac...

    by Amanda Griscom on August 3, 1999
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    Studio Recording - Burn, Baby, Burn: 'Book Club' Evolves

    Nine friends are sitting around on foam cushions in an East Village studio, eating takeout, drinking imported beer, and talking about recent trips abroad, the merits of various BBQ locations, and cookie recipes. When someone puts in a DJ Krush CD, th...

    by Sarah Schmidt on August 3, 1999
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    The Devil To Pay? - Club Kids Cry Rape; Moral Panic Ensues

    In the wake of the hysterical media coverage of rape allegations made by two teenage girls at the Tunnel disco the weekend before last, it's now clearer than ever that club owner Peter Gatien is at the center of a full-fledged "moral panic"whipped u...

    by Frank Owen on August 3, 1999
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    Death Valley - The Great Depression

    The surgeon general announced last week that suicide is now a national health threat. Feeling sad? Joe Schiano Age: 35 Resides: Long Beach, Long Island Occupation: Electrician Have you ever contemplated suicide? No. It's ...

    by Edmund Lee on August 3, 1999
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    Republicans Pant for Welfare Massacre - Hot Dreams

    Amid the second worst drought in this century and nostalgic reminiscences of Joe Alsop's dinner parties, Washing ton bakes as the government grinds to a halt in gridlocka libertarian dream scenario, which threatens to leave the country in the hands ...

    by James Ridgeway on August 3, 1999
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    Thorns and Roses - Here she comes, International Ms. Leather

    LAS VEGASSexy butch dyke Pam Meyer took the stage in a blond wig wielding a straight razor. She pranced around a hot fagno shirt, really buffseated in a barber chair. When the music changed from bubblegum to deep trance, she tossed the wig, droppe...

    by Tristan Taormino on August 3, 1999
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    Education Supplement Listings

    Computers The fact is, every piece of technology out there has a little manual to go with it. Computer Technology workshop instructor Henry Toromoreno of the Lighthouse Learning Center (718-846-9768) has done the reading so you won't have to. Forg...

    on August 3, 1999
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    Hype and Glory - Dissecting scientific promise from reality

    As we barrel toward the potential scientific splendor of next century's Oz, few may stop to question whether the road there is really paved in gold. And why should we? Over the past decade, science has advanced further than at any other period this c...

    by Karen Mahabir on August 3, 1999
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    High Crimes

    Imagine you are caught smoking pot in Washington Square Park. You might expect to have your reefer confiscated or have the cops haul you down to the local precinct. But the last thing you'd anticipate is that you would not be going to school in the f...

    by Hillary Chute on August 3, 1999
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    The Not-So-Good Book - A 'Tenants Bible' May Lead Readers Astray

    A tenants' handbook designed in the spirit of radical tracts hit stores last month, and while it looks promisingthe cover is illustrated with a clenched fist bursting through a cityscape, the author identified only as Tenant Xits most prominent fea...

    by J.A. Lobbia on August 3, 1999
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    Two Bedroom Apartment in Pre-War Building

    Location: Sunnyside, Queens Rent: $560 (rent stabilized) Square feet: 550 Occupants: Pat Connelly (social worker, director of Jewish Care Services, Rego Park); Leandra Jimenez (fashion marketing major, New York City Technical College); two cats H...

    by Toni Schlesinger on August 3, 1999
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    Bott(ched) Report Although I read with great interest Robert Davey's article "The FBI and Flight 800" [July 20], I feel compelled to set the record straight regarding references Davey made to a report prepared by Dr. Richard Bott specifically, th...

    on July 27, 1999
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    The Body Electric - Home-Gym Gadgets and the Shape of Things To Come

    Personal fitness machines have become something of a fetish industry. Eager slaves shell out big bucks for all kinds of masters: butt masters, thigh masters, StairMasters. Add to this latently s/m mix a new line of workout gizmos for those who prefer...

    by David Kushner on July 27, 1999
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