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    Thank Goddess

    The Muse is light summer fare about a middle-aged Hollywood screenwriter so desperate to brainstorm a light summer fare he hires a Greek goddess to help him. The premise feels practically weightless, but because the writer is played by the doggedly e...

    by J. Hoberman on August 31, 1999
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    King smut

    When I was growing up, my friend Wesley's dad drove a black El Camino and resembled the Unabomber long before such a look was fashionable. We started going to his apartment after school because there were never any parents there and because the place...

    by Michael Giacalone on August 31, 1999
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    A pretty girl is like a melody

    The videotaped sexcapades of Motley Cre drummer Tommy "The Tripod" Lee, the film Boogie Nights and regular appearances by adult-film actresses on The Howard Stern Show have thrust the X-rated world deeper into popular consciousness. But porn has lon...

    by Rich Black on August 31, 1999
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    It Ain't The Motion, It's The Meat

    Even though eating food at a topless bar is as wrong as having sex in a restaurant, you have a God-given right to trustworthy consumer information when it comes to eating out. My research reveals only a few places where you can fill your cakehole. He...

    by Ron M. Beigel on August 31, 1999
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    The Shock of the New

    I'd been cruising for Shaun Cassidy pinups when I came across my first Playgirl. My pre-teenage curiosity had me turning pages right at the newsstand. Then I found the centerfold. He had dark hair all around and it looked huge. Quickly closed the mag...

    by Ellen Burris on August 31, 1999
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    The Hedgehog Shoots For Legit

    Ron Jeremy is one of the most prolific porn stars of all time, with more than 1,600 dirty movies to his credit. Round, dark and hairy, known far and wide as the "Hedgehog," he is not the typical buffed stud. "I was in Playgirl four times," says Jerem...

    by Jon Hart on August 31, 1999
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    The Beat Goes On

    My ankles and wrists were bound in leather cuffs, as I stood spread-eagled against a wall. Behind me were Sir Richard and Sir Darren, two doms in Mrs. Hyde's dungeon who were trying to teach me a lesson. "Naughty reporter," said Sir Richard. At ju...

    by Stacy Albin on August 31, 1999
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    The Rubber Match: Beaches Bounce Back

    Used condoms are not so much an environmental problem as they are the canary in the coal mine. Back in the 1970s and earlier, New York City's sewers would routinely flood into storm drains during a heavy rain because its sewage-treatment plants could...

    by Erik Nelson on August 31, 1999
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    Getting the Business

    Tough guy Rudy Giuliani takes the credit for cleaning up Times Square, but Long Island officials beat him to the punch years ago on their own turf. Thank the Town of Islip for making it difficult for you to find porn on the Island. In 1980, Islip b...

    by Valerie Kellogg on August 31, 1999
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    The Show That Never Ends

    Hamptons regulars swarmed all over LIFE @ THE TAVERN with their pin-straight hair, black capris and wanna-be-model pursed lips. Though some of them had had years of practice doing the scene, they weren't fooling every newcomer with their trendy halte...

    by Stacy Albin on August 31, 1999
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    Ramblin' Man

    There are only two things you're not allowed to talk to Gregg Allman about: how Duane's death affected him and Cher. Allman, who brings the Allman Brothers Band to Jones Beach Friday, recently spoke with Ian D'Giff: What's it like to play a place li...

    by Ian Dâ??Giff on August 31, 1999
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    The eyes have it Great issue of great photos by Kirk Condyles, Tara Engberg, Phil Marino, Stephen Lipuma [Cover Feature, July 29]. Too bad Eyes Wide Shut is such a bad film. Keep up the good work. Fred W. Mcdarrah East Hampton Bombs away...

    on August 31, 1999
  • Casualties of War - In Congo, civil strife allows polio to survive


    Casualties of War - In Congo, civil strife allows polio to survive

    Mbuji-Mayi, Democratic Republic of the CongoIn a dusty field in Kinshasa earlier this month, a military guard snaps its rifles to attention. Fixed bayonets gleam, and the crowd settles into a hush broken only by the sound of babies crying. Laurent K...

    by Mark Schoofs on August 24, 1999
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    NY Mirror

    Moments after I left the unofficial Tinky Winky celebration at Click & Drag (the Saturday night cyberfetish party at mother), someone supposedly had his body spray-painted purple and was having things done to his ass. I always seem to miss these cult...

    by Michael Musto on August 24, 1999
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    Law of the Jungle

    Animal rights is no longer just an anticruelty crusade; it is fast becoming a bona fide legal field. Is your fur flying? Geoff Fox Age: 58 Resides: Village Occupation: Writer What legal rights should animals have? I'm n...

    by Edmund Lee on August 24, 1999
  • Love and Loss Online - eeeee-Bay


    Love and Loss Online - eeeee-Bay

    Not you. You would never purchase an antique you couldn't hold in your hand, caress, observe in three dimensions. Even though your best friend and collecting buddy has been haranguing you for months to log on and sample the joys of eBay, you remain u...

    by Lynn Yaeger on August 24, 1999
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    Chteau 'New York Times'? - Times Co. Digital to court wine-swilling cultural elite

    You can almost hear the corks popping at Times Company Digital (TCD), a subsidiary formed by The New York Times Company in May to consolidate all its Internet holdings. Last week, even as Arthur Sulzberger Jr. was promising his entire staff that they...

    by Cynthia Cotts on August 24, 1999
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    A Lot of Nerve - Erotic Web Zine Swells in Size as It Plans To Become a Portal

    It's all in the decor. In this case, we're talking stainless steel desks, black space-age chairs, and iMacs. These items are resting on a hardwood floor, freshly polyurethaned, in a SoHo loft on Broadway. If a TV producer conjured a set for a hip web...

    by Mark Boal on August 24, 1999
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    Hillary 'Banned' In Crown Heights - The First Lady's embrace of Former Mayor David Dinkins ignites an orthodox Jewish backlash

    In the latest political storm swirling about Hillary Rodham Clinton's likely senate candidacy, the crown heights Jewish community council has branded the first lady an "anti-semite" and "banned" her from visiting the hasidic stronghold because of her...

    by Peter Noel on August 24, 1999
  • The Last Picture Show - The optimist's guide to the Millennium's final fall-movie crop


    The Last Picture Show - The optimist's guide to the Millennium's final fall-movie crop

    Human concoctions that they are, movies have a flaky way of never quite living up to our expectations; whenever we look at what's screening around us, we see little to hosanna about. Practically since celluloid first hit light or at least since a st...

    by Michael Atkinson on August 24, 1999
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