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    Madison Queer Garden

    "The fans were our sixth man," said game hero Sue Wicks just after the Liberty upset the two-time WNBA champion Houston Comets in a fiery 74-71 finish on Sunday. "They really pushed us up over the top." But as they absorbed the energy from the crowd...

    on August 10, 1999
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    Ty Cobb, Major League Baseball 19051928

    "Ty Cobb, the greatest of ballplayers and an absolute shit," is the way Hemingway once put it. Correct on both points, Papa swore off his onetime friend after he witnessed the Georgia Peachpit decking a hunting guide for taking them down the wrong tr...

    by John Stravinsky on August 10, 1999
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    Bait and Switch

    In July, after Congress allowed the independent counsel law to expire, you barely heard a word out of Ken Starr. But last week, Starr's friends and foes were back to talking about one of the juicier subplots of the impeachment scandal: the allegation...

    by Cynthia Cotts on August 10, 1999
  • Tap, Tap . . . Who's There? - The FBI, Courtesy of the New York Court of Appeals


    Tap, Tap . . . Who's There? - The FBI, Courtesy of the New York Court of Appeals

    Washington The collective ear of the capital-in-the-throes-of- summer-doldrums has been hopelessly cocked toward New York. Insipid New York, anyway: between the kinder, gentler riffs of the retooled Rudy, Hillary's continuous "clarifications," and ...

    by Jason Vest on August 10, 1999
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    Read My Rips - Clinton Confronts Governors

    As Al Gore continued to flounder, Bill Clinton's weekend shootout at the National Governors' Conference set the cutting-edge issue of the presidential campaign in sharp relief. The president warned the mostly Republican governors that the GOP's "risk...

    by James Ridgeway on August 10, 1999
  • School of Hard Knocks - Pro-Wrestling Wannabes Learn the Ropes at the North East Wrestling Facility Story


    School of Hard Knocks - Pro-Wrestling Wannabes Learn the Ropes at the North East Wrestling Facility Story

    For Furious George, making it to the pros won't be tough. He's anxious to learn all the moves and his personality is meant for steel-chair bashing. George Kanakarakis is going through an identity crisis. At age 15, the 255-pound Queens resident is ...

    by Howard Z. Unger on August 10, 1999
  • B Is For Bistro - The Bittersweet Transformation of Avenue B


    B Is For Bistro - The Bittersweet Transformation of Avenue B

    Four years ago the NYPD rolled a tank onto Avenue B to squelch the squatters' uprising on East 13th Street. Today it's not uncommon to see a Mercedes, a BMW, a Lexus, or a limo cruising the same block. In the summer of 1995, police in riot gear wer...

    by Norah Vincent on August 10, 1999
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    High Crimes

    Imagine you are caught smoking pot in Washington Square Park. You might expect to have your reefer confiscated or have the cops haul you down to the local precinct. But the last thing you'd anticipate is that you would not be going to school in the f...

    by Hillary Chute on August 3, 1999
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    Brain Drain - Morphing student techies into a modern-day breakfast club

    The day Max Adelman got a pepperoni pizza delivered to his doorstep, he knew he was being courtedheavily. Max was a computer engineering junior at the University of Michigan and the pie came from an interested party over 200 miles away in Chicago. ...

    by Michael Zilberman on August 3, 1999
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    Public Access - Injecting Pop to Revitalize Area Museums

    Although it was once coolly dubbed the modern cathedral, the reconceived museum of todayhaving shed its elitist wrappingsoften bears little resemblance to a place of worship. Due, in part, to a radical and calculated makeover intended to turn museu...

    by Frantiska & Tim Gilman-Sevcik on August 3, 1999
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    Bittersweet Hereafter

    With preparations already under way to usher in the next century, many will turn to an onslaught of retrospectives for a remembrance of things past. There's certainly much to remember. After all, the most innovative feats that shaped this millennium ...

    by Clare Saliba and Athima Chansanchai on August 3, 1999
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    Education Supplement Listings

    Computers The fact is, every piece of technology out there has a little manual to go with it. Computer Technology workshop instructor Henry Toromoreno of the Lighthouse Learning Center (718-846-9768) has done the reading so you won't have to. Forg...

    on August 3, 1999
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    Hype and Glory - Dissecting scientific promise from reality

    As we barrel toward the potential scientific splendor of next century's Oz, few may stop to question whether the road there is really paved in gold. And why should we? Over the past decade, science has advanced further than at any other period this c...

    by Karen Mahabir on August 3, 1999
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    Electronic Yields - Charting the Race to Artificially Gauge Intelligence

    After 90 minutes of intense laboring at his keyboard, Jon Corey couldn't believe his eyes. A recent graduate of NYU's nursing division, he could nimbly bandage a bullet-wound victim. But when his computer went black during an electronically administe...

    by Ginger Adams Otis on August 3, 1999
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    Digital, Baby! - Technology Goes Back to the Womb

    Despite its organic origins, birth has become a decidedly high-tech experience. Between fetal monitors and ultrasound machines, expectant mothers spend more time attached to biotech gear than Lindsay Wagner's Bionic Woman. Now, moms-to-be don't even ...

    by David Kushner on August 3, 1999
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    The Not-So-Good Book - A 'Tenants Bible' May Lead Readers Astray

    A tenants' handbook designed in the spirit of radical tracts hit stores last month, and while it looks promisingthe cover is illustrated with a clenched fist bursting through a cityscape, the author identified only as Tenant Xits most prominent fea...

    by J.A. Lobbia on August 3, 1999
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    Death Valley - The Great Depression

    The surgeon general announced last week that suicide is now a national health threat. Feeling sad? Joe Schiano Age: 35 Resides: Long Beach, Long Island Occupation: Electrician Have you ever contemplated suicide? No. It's ...

    by Edmund Lee on August 3, 1999
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    Truthless I read Robert Davey's "The FBI and Flight 800" [July 20] with a great deal of interest. Three difficult years have passed since the crash. During this time, my family has grieved over the death of our beautiful 16-year-old daughter. Sin...

    on August 3, 1999
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    NY Mirror - My spies say that Playgirl is planning to run nude beach shots of Ricky Martin, presumably revealing la pinga loca.

    Where are you from?" and "Are you doing a load?" are the two most common questions in the air Wednesday nights at King Sized Laundry, a 24-hour Chelsea laundromatdry cleaner that's been playing host to a cleansing event called Spin Cycle Comedy for ...

    by Michael Musto on August 3, 1999
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    Two Bedroom Apartment in Pre-War Building

    Location: Sunnyside, Queens Rent: $560 (rent stabilized) Square feet: 550 Occupants: Pat Connelly (social worker, director of Jewish Care Services, Rego Park); Leandra Jimenez (fashion marketing major, New York City Technical College); two cats H...

    by Toni Schlesinger on August 3, 1999
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