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    Julian Koster's loop-the- loop

    I still have the scar on my left butt cheek from the time Julian Koster strategically placed a pencil on my chair in fourth grade. Fifteen years later, the multi-instrumentalist from the Neutral Milk Hotel and the mastermind behind the cacophonic dre...

    by Bill Jensen on August 17, 1999
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    Lingerie Survivors Tell All

    Talk to some women and you'd think it's a miracle that any female ever gets laid wearing a Miracle Bra. For every tale of unbridled passion inspired by satin, these women can tell a story of getting their knickers in a twist when it comes to sexy und...

    by Ellen Burris on August 17, 1999
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    When Words Collide

    Right now, deep under the Pine Barrens of Suffolk County, subatomic particles of gold may be racing in opposite directions around a 2.4-mile track, preparing to collide as you sit reading this newspaper. Perhaps the particles are already barreling in...

    by Laura Conaway on August 17, 1999
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    Ferry Drama

    Throughout the cocktail-soaked, double-entendre-loaded glimmering afternoon of a Labor Day weekend on Fire Island, during which more than 50 drag queens swathed in gold lam and fuschia chiffon strutted down a poolside runway, each with the hope tha...

    by Beth Greenfield on August 17, 1999
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    The Royal We

    I've been to every other Thai place in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens. At this one, we're accompanied by our friendly neighbor and his wife. He travels to Thailand twice a year for business. He never told me until I spied him drinking a Singha beer on hi...

    by Ron M. Beigel on August 17, 1999
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    Byte Me, Retail Boy

    Put a computer in the home, and women are nearly as likely as men to go online. But despite their surging Internet savvy, millions of women won't buy a computer unless a man helps choose it, buy it and set it up. -Cox News Service wire, Aug. 4 O...

    by Angela Gunn on August 17, 1999
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    Zone Defense Beats GOP Machine Beats GOP Machine

    Against all odds, a little group of homeowners in Bethpage rose up and slew the mighty GOP machine in a neighborhood zoning battle. The residents of Evergreen Avenue staved off an attempt by a Town of Oyster Bay official who moonlights as a develope...

    by Ward Harkavy on August 17, 1999
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    Colombian Coke Caper - Wife of U.S. Anti-Drug Commander Nabbed in Smuggling Case

    The wife of the Army commander leading the U.S. government's antidrug efforts in Colombia has been charged in connection with a cocaine smuggling ring that shipped the drug from an American military base in Bogot to New York City, the Voice has lear...

    by William Bastone on August 10, 1999
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    Gangsta Gamin' - Rage Against the Machine in KingPin's Urban Underworld

    In the early days of video games, circa 1980, players fell in love with Space Invaders, and the simple act of moving green polygons away from red polygons. The red shape was supposed to be a cannon and the green ones aliens, but nobody who played rea...

    by Mark Boal on August 10, 1999
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    Ryan's Hope - The Former Manager of the White-Hot Internet Fund Makes You a Millionaire and Heads to the Gym

    Ryan Jacob is ready for his close-up, and then some. For 18 months, the 29-year-old managed the nation's best-performing mutual fund, the Internet Fund. From the beginning of '98 to the middle of '99, the fund went up 531 percent. Basically, it was a...

    by Danny Hakim on August 10, 1999
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    NY Mirror - Tina Brown looked stunning in a green, flowing ensemble. (Oh, that was Lady Liberty.)

    I've been traveling a lot, but like Holly Golightly, only keep running into myself. At least the Thomas Crown Affair premiere in Southamptona big Bulgari blowoutwas a pleasant enough way to avoid too much reflection. The trashily entertaining movie...

    by Michael Musto on August 10, 1999
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    The Boogie Doctor - What gives Dr. David Seitz the greatest pleasure is having the music he loves "get more respect."

    David Seitz (physician; record producer; recording engineer; record label founder) Income: $80,000 (1998) Health Insurance: covered by employer Rent: $1500 Utilities: $50/mo. Phone: $35/mo. Food: $300/mo. Transportation: $250/mo. Listening t...

    by Toni Schlesinger on August 10, 1999
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    Sexism & the City - On the Bias

    The peace and love of Woodstock '99 was shattered by a volley of charges that included multiple rapes and women heckled to take their clothes off. Is it the dawning of another age of sexism? Lennox Douglas Age: 35 Resides:...

    by Edmund Lee on August 10, 1999
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    Routes To Ruin The letter in last week's issue from the so-called drug "bus driver" who signed himself "Peter D.," in response to Frank Owen's article "Drug Cocktails: Mixing It Up in the Clubs" [July 27], was most amusing. Would the Voice print a...

    on August 10, 1999
  • Boho Boohoo - MTV Rides a Downtown Train


    Boho Boohoo - MTV Rides a Downtown Train

    The Village, when we first came there to live, was undergoing a crisis. People were talking about the good old days of 1916. It seemed unlikely that they would ever return. Malcolm Cowley, 1934 The talk uptown is once again that the Village is dea...

    by C. Carr on August 10, 1999
  • The Conversation - Tina Brown Gets a Buzz Cut


    The Conversation - Tina Brown Gets a Buzz Cut

    Hi-dee-hie, as my fave character on South Park used to say. What to make of this? Name's kind of dull. Still, what was she gonna call it, Godot? Say, how about Balk? Or Bulk, since at 254 pages, from opening splash of Crme De La Crme ads to herself...

    by Tom Carson on August 10, 1999
  • Egg Hunt - Fertility Companies Hit the Silver Screen


    Egg Hunt - Fertility Companies Hit the Silver Screen

    What was John Wayne's real name? What was Julia Roberts's first onscreen role? In what movie did Ronald Reagan star with a monkey? Oh, and do you want to make $5000 by "donating" your eggs to an infertile woman? With the fertility industry pumping o...

    by Sharon Lerner on August 10, 1999
  • Written on the Body - Brian Murphy's Piercing Analysis


    Written on the Body - Brian Murphy's Piercing Analysis

    There's a glyph for the breath of a dragon behind his right ear. His back is elaborately adorned with a dense Polynesian tattoo. His feet are covered with stylized Maori bats, and the image of a holstered handgun is inked on his calf. He's got some p...

    by Guy Trebay on August 10, 1999
  • Profile in Courage - Jeffrey Kalinsky Takes on the Meatpacking District


    Profile in Courage - Jeffrey Kalinsky Takes on the Meatpacking District

    In 1793, during the most harrowing winter of the French revolution, Mary Wollstonecraft, author of A Vindication of the Rights of Women and foremother of modern feminism, tripped on a wet patch while crossing the Place de la Revolution and realized t...

    by Lynn Yaeger on August 10, 1999
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    Chucking It Away - Chuck Knoblauch's Bronx Backslide

    It starts out like a Brothers Grimm fable, or maybe the beginning of a Charlie's Angels episode: Once upon a time there were three second basemen who played in the American League. They were each different, but each so good in his own way, that peopl...

    by Allen St. John on August 10, 1999
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