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    Child's Play - Photographs By Hiroyuki Ito

    The sweet taste of soccer victory! The thrill of watching the Liberty at the Garden! The summer of '99 finds women in sports reaching a new zenith of popularity and prowess. We took to the streets and parks of New York and noticed a wonderful phenome...

    by Edmund Lee on July 20, 1999
  • Long-Ball Basics - The Anatomy of a Home-Run Swing


    Long-Ball Basics - The Anatomy of a Home-Run Swing

    Mike Piazza's monster three-run shot against the Yankees. Mark McGwire's 13 moon balls during the Home Run Derby. How do they do it? What exactly does it take, say, for a 6-3, 215-pound catcher to hit a five-and- one-eighth-ounce ball 482 feet? It's...

    by Edmund Lee on July 20, 1999
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    Pinstriped Perfection

    A few notes on David Cone's perfect game: It was perhaps the most dominant game ever pitched. Pitching is about control, and Cone's control Sunday was quite possibly the best in baseball history. David Wells, last year, had two three-ball counts a...

    on July 20, 1999
  • Season of the Witch - The 'Blair Witch' Directors On the Method to Their Madness


    Season of the Witch - The 'Blair Witch' Directors On the Method to Their Madness

    "In a perfect world," says filmmaker Daniel Myrick, "if I had the movie in my hand on a VHS tape and a friend was coming over to watch it, I wouldn't tell him anything about it. I'd slap the tape into the VCR and let the primal workings of the film t...

    by Anthony Kaufman on July 13, 1999
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    Against the Blue Wall - A Black Cop Tries To Break the Code of Silence in New Jersey

    The leader of an activist black law-enforcement group regarded by admirers as an avenging Shaka Zulu with a 9 millimeter is urging African American troopers to jam media switchboards with accounts of "sanctioned racial profiling" by the mostly whit...

    by Peter Noel on July 13, 1999
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    Back To Which Garden? - The Squabbling Spawn of Woodstock

    Roy Howard brushes dirt off the CD and hands it to his wife. "I found this in the woods." he squints at the disc and scratches his white beard. "Is it anything?" howard, a sturdy 65-year-old, had been mowing the lawn, prepping his field so friends co...

    by Margit Detweiler on July 13, 1999
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    Have Some Compassion Lights Out Blackout on Serbia Damage Calling All Spies Through the looking Glass Cover Your White Ass Have Some Compassion Clinton Runs Rings Around Gore With Clinton usurping Gore's role as candidate, the la...

    by James Ridgeway on July 13, 1999
  • Profit Prophets - Wonks Predict Stormy Health Care Ahead


    Profit Prophets - Wonks Predict Stormy Health Care Ahead

    Flash forward. It's 2010 and you've developed diabetes, maybe from all the Mr. Softee you sucked down during the heat wave of 1999. Not to worry. A little sensorthe same kind that used to tell the toaster when your bread was readycan now be implant...

    by Sharon Lerner on July 13, 1999
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    Fortune Teller - An Interview With Silicon Valley Voyeur Po Bronson

    "It's very hard to discern the extent to which people care about money," Po Bronson writes in The Nudist on the Late Shift, his candid new book on Silicon Valley. "These are high achievers; they want to succeed, they want to win. For the highest achi...

    by Hillary Rosner on July 13, 1999
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    Summer of Cinema - Vulgar Variety

    Lots of this summer's blockbusters have moviegoers in stitches with their curious brand of toilet-trained humor. Offbeat or offensive? Dorine Somenzi Age: 28 Resides: Miami, Florida Occupation: Teacher What are you going...

    by Edmund Lee on July 13, 1999
  • Heather Donahue Casts A Spell


    Heather Donahue Casts A Spell

    "If there were craft services, it probably wouldn't be the film that it is," says Heather Donahue, who, along with her costars Joshua Leonard and Michael Williams, endured physical discomfort, head games, and food and sleep deprivation in the making ...

    by Dennis Lim on July 13, 1999
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    I Think Icon - People Who Need People

    The most interesting photography exhibit that no one saw opened on Saturday and closed by Wednesday, its pictures all sold and carried off. Actually, a few people saw it, those who happened to wander into the International Center of Photography Midto...

    by Guy Trebay on July 13, 1999
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    The FBI and Flight 800 - A Missile Expert Cries Cover-Up

    The Flight 800 investigation, still at a loss to explain the tragedy, has the right stuff for a thrilling spy novel. Government flacks easily spin the lazy mainstream media to sedate the nervous public. Meanwhile, a band of military insiders heads fo...

    by Robert Davey on July 13, 1999
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    The Fix Is Out - Public Housing Crumbles on republicans Watch

    In the shank of last week's killer heat wave, Bob stood in the lobby-turned-oven of his Williamsburg apartment building and rethought his next move. It was about 8:30 at night, and he had planned to take the elevator home to his 18th-floor apartment ...

    by J.A. Lobbia on July 13, 1999
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    NY Mirror - Mr. Mayor, you are so cute, the way you continually fuck with my schedule!

    A really wild, wanton night in Giuliani-era New Yorkyou know, Pleasantvilleinvolves scouring a deserted pier for a shred of a good time, only to crawl home in abject defeat to watch Golden Girls reruns. That happened to a friend of mineall right, ...

    by Michael Musto on July 13, 1999
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    Web Witchcraft - An Indie Movie's Slick Cyberhype

    Take the promotional hook from Last House on the Left ("Keep repeating: it's only a movie . . . "), contradict it with the premise behind the '70s hoax film Snuff (which boasted the tag line "Made in South America: where life is cheap"), and you have...

    by Peter Braunstein on July 13, 1999
  • Shelf life - Andrea Copeland (librarian)


    Shelf life - Andrea Copeland (librarian)

    Income: $39,035 (1999) Health Insurance: covered by employer Rent: $453/mo. Utilities: $25/mo. Phone: $70/mo. Food: $200/mo. Transportation: $63/mo. I always wanted to be like the kids in the E.L. Konigsburg story who've had it with being m...

    by Toni Schlesinger on July 13, 1999
  • Hillary's Big Problem - No Woman Has Ever Won Higher Office in New York State


    Hillary's Big Problem - No Woman Has Ever Won Higher Office in New York State

    A prediction: the Adirondack black-fly gaffe will be tired by the time Hillary Clinton makes it official. The carpetbagger issue will be old news when the election is held 16 months from now. Even the scandals that haunt her may play as the usual pol...

    by Richard Goldstein on July 13, 1999
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    Chomsky at the Bit

    On June 22, after flaming Jonathan Alter for two weeks on the subject of Noam Chomsky, Dennis Perrin challenged his opponent to a public debate. "Let's do it on the air," he wrote, "face to face." Perrin, a former comedy writer turned author, is als...

    by Cynthia Cotts on July 13, 1999
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    Murder Ink Peter Noel, in "Getting Away With Justifiable Murder" [July 6], advances a distorted version of the truth about the tragic shooting of a seriously disturbed man by the police in 1992. His article parrots, without any skepticism the h...

    on July 13, 1999
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