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    NY Mirror

    Get out the Black Flag, kids. In one of those ungodly cinema coincidences as perturbing as that '80s slew of body-switching flicks, there are two separate animatronic and/or animated movies coming your way about insects! (Just what we want to leave o...

    by Michael Musto on August 11, 1998
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    FDR Redux?

    A Flight 800 crash investigator has told the Voice that TWA recently challenged the National Transportation Safety Board's interpretation of the last complete line of data taken from the plane's Flight Data Recorder (FDR), saying that the software us...

    by Robert Davey on August 4, 1998
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    Birthday Wishes - As Time Passes, So Does Hope of Finding Missing Loft Tenants

    On July 28, Camden Sylvia was to have celebrated her 37th birthday. Instead, friends were making plans for an August memorial mass. And on July 6, a Manhattan surrogate court judge officially gave her the hefty and sad title of A Person Whose Whereab...

    by J.A. Lobbia on August 4, 1998
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    A Question of Murder - Nine years ago, a forbidden interracial love affair in an east Texas town ended with a hanging. Was it suicide or a perfect lynching?

    This freshman . . . was a football player and apparently a popular student at Kilgore. He was having problems with a girlfriend and apparently his grades were not very good. He was playing cards with another male and two females in the room when he ...

    by Peter Noel on August 4, 1998
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    Caught Looking - Is Time Up for Times Square Porn?

    They closed down the Bitch Booth on Friday. Workers hauled away the windowed doors ("EXOTIC. LADIES. TIPS APPRECIATED.") to the peeps. Show World was shut to its devoted public and, through windows that once offered to Eighth Avenue images of feature...

    by Guy Trebay on August 4, 1998
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    From Boho to Soho - Artists Collectives Have a Recollective Moment

    It was a classic moment in activist art and an auspicious launch to a decade: On January 1, 1980, some 35 artiststheir bolt cutters in a guitar casemanaged to break into an abandoned city-owned building on Delancey Street, where they set up an exhi...

    by C. Carr on August 4, 1998
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    Inside China's Darkest Places - 'They Stuffed Pieces of Mouse Into My Mouth Until I Couldn't Breathe'

    On June 25, the day our shallow president arrived in China, a number of dissidents had the nerve to say they were forming the China Democracy Party. Clinton, of course, did not meet with them, thereby pleasing his hosts. Soon after Clinton left China...

    by Nat Hentoff on August 4, 1998
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    USA Today's Rent-a-Hype

    Attention corporate America: the logo and likeness of USA Today, the nation's second-largest circulation newspaper, are for sale. That disturbing fact became clear in late June, when USA Today published a separate, two-page version of the paper for p...

    by James Ledbetter on August 4, 1998
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    Clark Bar - One-bedroom apartment in four-story prewar building

    Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn Rent: $975 (rent stabilized) Square feet: 600 Occupant: Dana Sherwood (art teacher); Karen Mancuso (editor, HX; HX for Her) Your cherry redand-white table makes me think of June Christy when she sings that song aboutap...

    by Toni Schlesinger on August 4, 1998
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    Shape Shifting

    For those who have managed to avoid Web "content" thus far, well, now it's coming to you. In scattered camps across the Alley, local developers, eager for exposure and a new trickle of cash, are jumping off the Net to expand into every other venue im...

    by Austin Bunn on August 4, 1998
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    NY Mirror

    The Boston Nightlife Awards may sound as oxymoronic a concept as L.A. style or army intelligence, but there are actual clubs there, and some of them are not just for oxen or morons. See, I just MC'd those very awards at a place ominously called Karma...

    by Michael Musto on August 4, 1998
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    Act II: The Siege - Battle Over Theater Zone Nears Final Scenes

    There's a new drama playing on Broadway, and the most recent scene left some of the actors themselves stunned. "The city council today gave away its power in Midtown Manhattan," said Kevin Finnegan. "It just blew my mind." Finnegan, land-use chair of...

    by J.A. Lobbia on July 28, 1998
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    Virgin Territory

    The evidence of Diane and Mike's deflowering is all over the Net--but at this point, it's all just dirty laundry. Last week, the pair of comely, "churchgoing" 18-year-olds announced that they were planning to broadcast their inaugural intercourse ove...

    by Austin Bunn on July 28, 1998
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    Rupert's Welfare

    The New York Post's editorial and opinion page is a place where the sanctity of the free market is practically a religion. But behind the scenes, the Post is quite content to take government handouts. Take, for example, the $13 million economic devel...

    by James Ledbetter on July 28, 1998
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    Martha My Fear

    Josh Shelov (freelance writer and director for TV, film, and theater) Income: about $30,000 (last year) Health Insurance: none Rent: $750/mo. Utilities: $30/mo. Phone: $100/mo. Food: $200/mo. Transportation: $50/mo. I'm so horrific with money. I'm th...

    by Toni Schlesinger on July 28, 1998
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    NY Mirror

    Check out the guy with the accessorized hair in the Beaded Barbie commercial. Just take my wordcheck him out. Also, while the TV's on, please note the commercial for the YMCA, which in all seriousness features children bopping to that old Village Pe...

    by Michael Musto on July 28, 1998
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    Should Al Sharpton Apologize? - The racial politics of reconciliation in New York

    His legion of white critics believe it's so easy: all Al Sharpton has to do is mount his soapbox and come clean about the lowdown, dirty, spontaneous utterances elicited from him in the heat of black advocacy. As the rhetoric intensifies in the wake ...

    by Peter Noel on July 28, 1998
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    The Seduction of Bill Clinton - President Jiang Believes He Can Kill or Jail Dissenters

    Of all the reactions to the hollow president's "triumphant" journey to China, one of the most appropriate--which was not in the mainstream media--was that of legendary defense attorney and civil libertarian Leonard Weinglass: "It's kind of ironic tha...

    by Nat Hentoff on July 28, 1998
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    She, Tina - How Tina Brown revived the years with Ross

    Did Tina Brown revolutionize slick magazines? About as much as Newt Gingrich revolutionized Congress--not profoundly, but vividly enough to get horrified onlookers thinking Antichrist. American politics would have grown more irresponsible, and journa...

    by Tom Carson on July 21, 1998
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    Be More Than You Can Be - The military is using molecular technology to produce super soldiers

    Cambridge, Massachusetts A dozen scientists and one reporter peer into a jungle setting, stalking two mannequins in camouflage. The lights go out, making the task more difficult as they struggle to pass around two pairs of night-vision goggles. Imag...

    by Tyler Schnoebelen on July 21, 1998
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