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    Future Schlock

    Monday, June 15: Martin Nisenholtz, president of The New York Times electronic publishing division, turns to the perky PR handler and asks, "Do I have vegetable in my teeth?" She shakes her head, and he glides into a conference room at 1675 Broadway ...

    by Austin Bunn on June 30, 1998
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    A Major Decision for Women's Rights? - The NOW Victory Could Be Applied to Any Demonstration or Protest

    The columnist I most admire is Robyn Blumner. She writes a syndicated column for the St. Petersburg Times that is carried here in the New York Post. She is the most forceful and lucid civil libertarian I know. We are friends and disagree on only two ...

    by Nat Hentoff on June 30, 1998
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    Reel Life

    Gill Holland (independent film producer) Income: $30,000 (last year) Health insurance: paid by parents Rent: $900/mo. Utilities: $50/mo. Phone: $300/mo. Food: $1080/mo. Transportation: $170/mo." I figure I make two dollars an hour," film pr...

    by Toni Schlesinger on June 30, 1998
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    Unsung AIDS Advance - One Vaccine Breatkthrough Overshadows Another

    In celebrating a major milestone in AIDS vaccine research last week, the media overlooked a second equally important and closely related advance. Indeed, the second breakthrough could lead more quickly to human studies of experimental vaccines. Heral...

    by Mark Schoofs on June 30, 1998
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    Dancer From the Dance - Mark Morris makes his statement onstage

    The dancers are wrapping themselves in long white sarongs, pulled up between their legs and knotted at the waist; there are 16 of them, two new, the rest veterans; one blond woman is standing on her hands with her feet in the air, her body muscular a...

    by Guy Trebay on June 30, 1998
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    NY Mirror

    During the intermission for day two of Carnegie Hall's Judy Garland tribute, I raced outside and was stunned by a loud thunderbolt and a blinding flash of lightning. Judy, was that you? I thought so. The event may not have been a total corpse-turner,...

    by Michael Musto on June 30, 1998
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    Soul Lite - Soul Food Reimaged for the '90s

    I have been transported. I'm in Blockbuster Video eyeing a wall-high display of videotapes of the film Soul Food. In Barnes & Noble I'm thumbing through scores of books under the banner "African American Heritage Cooking." I go restaurant-hopping at ...

    by Lisa Jones on June 30, 1998
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    The Globe Spins

    In Boston, racial polarization is as much a part of everyday life as Red Sox games or cool wind off the bay. So when the Boston Globe last week fired Patricia Smith--the paper's only black female columnist--because she'd fabricated quotes and charact...

    by James Ledbetter on June 30, 1998
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    The Works - As Clinton Stalls on Needle Exchange, HIV Slips Through

    Needing to be oblivious isn't the same as wanting to be dead. This, it always struck me, is a fundamental misperception about heroin abuse. I say abuse because use--in the rational-sounding and p.c. sense of "IV-drug user"--doesn't begin to scratch t...

    by Guy Trebay on June 23, 1998
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    Bridal Paths - the ring cycle

    Pity the poor bride-to-be of 1998. Though she lives in a cultural climate so carnally explicit it makes Lenny Bruce seem like a Teletubby, she's still expected to swath herself in 50 yards of tulle, stick something frothy on her head, force a passel ...

    by Lynn Yaeger on June 23, 1998
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    Taking in the Trash

    When historians finally get around to tackling the Net, the Net will likely tackle them. The source material is already so suffused with static--abandoned home pages, XXX spam, and countless messages that venture, "Testing... Are you there?"--that th...

    by Austin Bunn on June 23, 1998
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    NY Mirror

    At the premiere dinner for Six Days, Seven Nights--whose problems are completely unrelated to Anne Heche's sex life--Heche generously thanked me for defending her and Ellen DeGeneres from the endless media attempts to break them up. Floating on air,...

    by Michael Musto on June 23, 1998
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    RICO Swallows the First Amendment - NOW Has Put All Political Protests in Serious Danger

    "I had hoped that the white moderates would understand that law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and that when they fail in this purpose, they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress. . . ...

    by Nat Hentoff on June 23, 1998
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    Content's Providers

    Take a moment to pity Howard Kurtz. It's always been difficult for The Washington Post media reporter (and author of the recent bestselling Spin Cycle) to write about spats inside his own paper. But to cover charges of improper reporting leveled at h...

    by James Ledbetter on June 23, 1998
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    Rent Board to Tenants: Take a Hike

    For landlords, the news from the city's Rent Guidelines Board is good: rents are up, the market is tight, and the costs of most items, from fuel to push brooms, is down. For tenants, the reports are mixed: about 9000 new apartments are coming on line...

    by J.A. Lobbia on June 23, 1998
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    Maid Man - Maid's room in Park Avenue building

    Location: Upper East Side Rent: $0 Square feet: 128 Occupant: Mark Noonan (Ph.D. student, CUNY; founder and editor, Columbia Journal of American Studies) I walked into this fancy building and the doorman whisked me off to the servants' quarters ...

    by Toni Schlesinger on June 23, 1998
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    Big Fat Problem - AIDS Drugs Cause Scary Side Effects--And Spark Interest in New Treatment Strategies

    I always had fat legs," chuckles HIV-positive AIDS activist Dawn Averitt. But when her brothers said, "Wow, your legs are getting skinny," Averitt didn't feel happy, she felt worried. The only thing she was doing differently was taking one of the pow...

    by Mark Schoofs on June 23, 1998
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    Columns - Ace & Grace

    What's a girl to do (besides change the sheets and quit her job) when on one day the Southern Baptists declare women must submit to their husbands, and the next day Bear Stearns ace Ace Greenberg donates one million bucks to underprivileged Viagra us...

    by Linda Stasi on June 23, 1998
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    100 Years of Hell-Raising - The Hidden History of Asian American Activism in New York City

    When Trinh Duong goes to work these days, she does so with a bit more fearand a bit more resolvethan usual. A month ago Duong, a labor organizer, joined a group of Asian American garment workers in a protest against their boss in Sunset Park. The n...

    by Andrew Hsiao on June 23, 1998
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    A Place for Us - Twenty years later, punks, drunks, and wayward youth still call St. Marks home

    I just grabbed Joey Ramone's ass. It's the night of "Blitzkrieg Bash," and when he passed me on the way to the stage, I went "grabba grabba hey, grabba hey" to his left cheek. Now I'm hiding behind this jukebox hoping he doesn't tell the meaty bounce...

    by Lorne Behrman on June 23, 1998
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