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    Paranoia Runs Deep - Conspiracy theories have seeped into the heart of the American public

    WASHINGTON Conspiracy theories have become a way of life in America, no longer limited to paranoid crazies on the political fringe. Today they are promoted by mainstream news outlets, political figures, and prominent individuals. As soon as Bill Cl...

    by James Ridgeway on September 22, 1998
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    Faire Game - Photos by Nina Roberts

    Did jousters chow down on gyros and courtly maidens quaff cappuccini? Had Friar Tuck a Web site? No matter. The 21st annual New York Renaissance Faire, held recently in the quaint shire of Tuxedo, New York, may have a rather fanciful relationship ...

    by Lynn Yaeger on September 22, 1998
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    New Year's Steve PETER BRAUNSTEIN nailed MTV's laziness covering the premiere of 54 and J. Hoberman was right about the screenplay's oversight of the preppie regulars [''Safety Dance''; ''Behind the Music,'' September 8]. Anyway, contrary to what...

    on September 22, 1998
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    No News Please, Were American

    Last week, the United Nations released its annual human-development report, bundling the stat-heavy document with an introduction by John Kenneth Galbraith. It received no notice in The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, or on CNN. So...

    by Andrew Hsiao on September 22, 1998
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    A Brief History of Outrage - The 51 (or So) Greatest Avant-Garde Moments

    This has been the summer of the Hundred Greateststhose lists of books and films intended to goad consumers into asking the question, "Citizen Kane? Is that out on DVD?" Admittedly, the lists are fun to ridicule, since all but your own are so obvious...

    by C. Carr on September 22, 1998
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    Out of Uniform - The Board of Education's ballyhooed school dress code may not be so smart

    At P.S.191 in Manhattan, a class of nine-year-olds prepared to leave the lunchroom, forming a double-file line running the length of the school's central corridor. "All eyes are on the head in front of you," barked their teacher. "Hands at your side,...

    by Sam Bruchey on September 22, 1998
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    Rally To Save CHARAS - Buyer of Loisaida Community Center still a mystery

    Eight weeks after the city auctioned the CHARAS/El Bohio building, the Giuliani administration continues to stonewall demands that it identify the purchaser of the Latino-run community center on 605 East 9th Street, which has housed dozens of arts an...

    by Sarah Ferguson on September 22, 1998
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    Clinton's Sex Scandal - Everybill The G.O.P.'s failed morality play

    Like the Christian morality plays of the late Middle Ages, the quasi-improvised piece of Republican dramatic literature currently being performed at interminable length in Washington is meant to educate the illiterate mob while it entertains. In the ...

    by Michael Feingold on September 22, 1998
  • Monica's World - Compiled by Lynn Yaeger


    Monica's World - Compiled by Lynn Yaeger

    She came to Washington in the summer of 1995, like so many before her, to assume a coveted position at a powerful government institution. Here, in her own words, a young intern describes her tumultuous, ultimately doomed affair with her boss, a high...

    on September 22, 1998
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    Clinton's Sex Scandal: The Images

    Artwork from this week's Village Voice: cover image by David O'Keefe click here to enlarge "Clinchie and His Gal Monica" by Ward Sutton Hillary Clinton illustration by PJ Loughran Kenneth Starr illustration by Patric...

    on September 22, 1998
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    Naughty Bits - Compiled by Lynn Yaeger

    November 15, 1995 "He put his hand down my pants and stimulated me manually in the genital area." ...She performed oral sex on him. He finished his call, and, a moment later, told [her] to top... "I told him that I wanted... to complete that. And ...

    on September 22, 1998
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    Re: Bourne - British choreographer brings boy birds to Broadway

    The Adventures in Motion Pictures production of Swan Lake--in which men dance the bird roles and a troubled prince throws over his girlfriend for a male swan--premiered in London in 1996. It reaches New York next Saturday, playing previews at the Nei...

    by David Finkle on September 22, 1998
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    Ex-Louima Lawyers Lien on 'Dream Team' - Challenge Cochran camp on fees

    The three black attorneys who trumpeted Abner Louima's cry of police brutality in the aftermath of the attack on him in Brooklyn's 70th Precinct last year have filed a lien against the potential millions the Haitian immigrant might receive from a set...

    by Peter Noel on September 22, 1998
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    Duckie Worth

    Phil Hyland and Robin Cryer (singer-songwriters); Hallie Rose Steiner (age eight) Income: $20,000 (last year) Health Insurance: adults, none; child, covered by Cryer's ex-husband Rent: $400/mo. Utilities: $50/mo. Phone: $150/mo. Food: 500/mo. ...

    by Toni Schlesinger on September 22, 1998
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    Make Gender Not Love - The Joylessness of Sex

    Aldous Huxley could have written it. Maybe he did. While the whole world was obsessing about the president's recreational sex, science was happily announcing that it had forever taken the guessworknot to mention the funout of procreational sex. Tha...

    by Linda Stasi on September 22, 1998
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    Co-conspirators: Khallid and Safir - 'We were penned in like animals.'

    There is no doubt in my mind that Police Commissioner Howard Safir and Khallid Muhammad were accomplices in provoking violence at the end of the Million Youth March on September 5. There was no necessity for hordes of cops in riot gear to storm the...

    by Nat Hentoff on September 22, 1998
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    Hair Police State - The Braiding Licensing Debate Gets Physical

    The evidence: styling gel, a pair of scissors, a page torn from an appointment book, and a single hair clip. On July 1, three undercover investigators from California's Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), posing as state police officers, staged a "...

    by Lisa Jones on September 22, 1998
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    Explore Your World - Web Documentaries Put You in the Reporter's Seat

    Last year in Tibet, on a classic-car road rally that went from Beijing to Paris, Drew Fellman encountered a bureaucratic snag. "A Chinese official did not want us there," recalled Fellman of the work he was doing for Discovery Channel Online. "They t...

    by Edmund Lee on September 22, 1998
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    Swinging Sixties - An Analysis of an Exclusive Baseball Club

    Giant Mark McGwire and smiling Sammy Sosa bettered Ruth and Maris within a week of each other, and now that both are aiming at the more serious goal of putting the home run record out of reach for good, lets take an analytical look at baseballs 60-...

    by Allen St. John on September 22, 1998
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    NY Mirror

    These new TV channels are scaring me back to radio. The Fox Family Channel might be mesmerizing, for all I know, but that woman on their commercialsthe one who screeches and convulses, while promising "family TV for the new millennium"should be sho...

    by Michael Musto on September 15, 1998
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