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    The Apologist in Suburbia - Pol Pot's Comrade Enjoys the Quiet Life in Westchester

    On April 16, the day after Pol Pot expired in a jungle hut near the Thailand border, President Bill Clinton vowed to pursue those who had aided the dictator during his reign over Cambodia's killing fields in the late 1970s. "We must not permit the de...

    by Adam Fifield on May 5, 1998
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    Half-Truths and Consequences - Did Doctors Mislead the Parents of Kids They Experimented On?

    Researchers did not tell parents the whole truth about medical experiments they were conducting on their children, documents obtained by the Voice show. They also indicate that the researchers, who were looking for predictors of aggression, originall...

    by Mark Schoofs on May 5, 1998
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    Satori in Queens

    A group of ecstatic second-graders from P.S.205 were chasing red spotlights that darted across the floor, until, in a flash, they realized that the lights were actually chasing them. The red spots--called "flocking" lights--use infrared sensors to tr...

    by Austin Bunn on May 5, 1998
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    Police Brutality and the Mayor - The Cop Gave the Woman He'd Assaulted a False Badge Number

    Making police accountable is essential. At three o'clock in the morning, a cop is more powerful than the mayor, the governor, and the president. He can kill you. --Former NYPD detective David Durk, who, along with Frank Serpico, broke the blue wall...

    by Nat Hentoff on May 5, 1998
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    Upswing - Erection Results

    Viagra, a new medicine that helps combat impotence, is being touted as the miracle pill of the millennium. Heavy worldwide demand may make it the biggest-selling drug of all time. Want a prescription? Tony Lipari Age: ...

    by Edmund Lee on May 5, 1998
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    Licensed to Sell - Why Jingles Died and Licensed Pop Rules

    Pretty much the only pitchy chorus you'll hear from commercials these days is this one: the jingle is dead. Once a standby of TV and radio commercials, those maddeningly catchy maxims are no longer. Plop, plop, fizz, fizz? Been there, done that. Ads ...

    by Carrie Mclaren on April 28, 1998
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    Criminal Information

    Anticipation of the April 14 trial of Kevin Mitnick, America's most wanted computer outlaw, has been building for months. But as the preliminary hearings drag out, the trial date slides later and later--and even Mitnick's optimistic lawyers don't exp...

    by Austin Bunn on April 28, 1998
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    Where Were the Law Guardians? - When Cowardice Paralyzed a Town

    Edward Eggleston, a leading historian of the Salem witch trials, claims that there were no more such ordeals in America after the 17th century. He's wrong. There were similar trials in Virginia in 1706 and in North Carolina in 1712. And although no m...

    by Nat Hentoff on April 28, 1998
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    The National Hockey League thinks Details should spend some time in the penalty box. Stung by charges in Details's May issue that at least three of the league's best-known Russian players are in cahoots with the mob, the NHL is "exploring" a lawsuit ...

    by James Ledbetter on April 28, 1998
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    Bronx Tale

    The two kids on Hyperspeed bikes pause to peer through a delivery gate and into the shuttered stadium. They're looking for seat 7, section 22, where, as everyone knows by now, a car-battery--sized slab of steel and concrete recently wiggled loose and...

    by Guy Trebay on April 28, 1998
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    Flight 800: The Missing Evidence - When Suspicious Debris Arrived in the Hangar the FBI Took It Away

    FBI agents at the Calverton hangar where wreckage from TWA Flight 800 was being examined to determine the cause of the crash removed a piece from the leading edge of one wing, two sources told The Village Voice. These sources said the wing piece bore...

    by Robert Davey on April 21, 1998
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    Ships Ahoy!

    It's one of the enduring mysteries of Flight 800: Just how much unexplained activity was there out on the ocean, before and after the moment on Wednesday evening, July 17, 1996, when TWA 800 exploded? The Voice reported (March 3) the story of De...

    by Robert Davey on April 21, 1998
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    Digitizing Megan's Law

    You could know some important things about 31-year-old Timothy Fontaine without meeting him: his street address, his physical characteristics, that he's got four tattoos on his left and right arms, and that he served a year in prison for first-degree...

    by Austin Bunn on April 21, 1998
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    A Town Possessed by Satan - 'We were a family. Then all of a sudden, there's nobody left.'

    The attorney general, Janet Reno, says she may order a thorough investigation of the child sex abuse epidemic in the city of Wenatchee in Washington State. In 1994 and 1995, 43 adults were arrested on 29,726 counts--that's not a typo--of sex abuse in...

    by Nat Hentoff on April 21, 1998
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    Seined, Sealed, Delivered

    Did Vanity Fair freelancer Lynn Hirschberg, author of this month's cover profile of Jerry Seinfeld, provide an advance copy to the comedian, in violation of the monthly's policy? That is the conclusion reached by an internal Vanity Fair investigation...

    by James Ledbetter on April 21, 1998
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    Thug Life - Wild Man Chris Paciello Has the Juice at Liquid

    With her exotic looks, privileged pedigree, and stable of famous ''galpals'' like Madonna and k.d. lang, Ingrid Casares is the most recognizable face behind a controversial effort to open a large club on a Flatiron district street already overrun wit...

    by William Bastone on April 7, 1998
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    Machine Age

    Issues. Culture. Endings. Maybe it was the piece about coffee colonics, complete with a tastefully designed animation of anal leakage. Or perhaps the recent photographic expose on soul-killing office interiors, or the staff diary entry called "I Drop...

    by Austin Bunn on March 24, 1998
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    Rad Like Who?

    Michael Portnoy, the self-anointed "Soy Bomb" who jumped onstage during Bob Dylan's performance at the Grammy Awards, was himself performing at P.S.122's "New Stuff Festival" on March 7 when he twice jumped into the audience. Climbed the chairs. Touc...

    by C. Carr on March 24, 1998
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    The End of the Beginning?

    It had to happen some time. Two of the oldest and most esteemed Alley Web projects, Downtown cicerone TotalNY (totalny.com) and online art laboratory ada'web (adaweb.com), ceased production last Friday, slashed by an executive shuffle and paradigm sh...

    by Austin Bunn on March 17, 1998
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    Puffing Over Huffington

    Beware the blue pencil--it can run up quite a bill. In late January, the editorial page staff of the New York Post carved up an opinion piece by syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington before publishing it. Last week, the Post's editing became the su...

    by James Ledbetter on March 17, 1998
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