Arrowman Arrested

Eric Collins, 27, shot an arrow in the air; it fell to earth, he knew not where. But then he "heard [someone] say 'ouch,' basically," say authorities. And then he read the papers and found out he had struck Denise Delgado-Brown. We assume that's why he was "nervous" when the cops visited him during their canvassing of the neighborhood, which led to his confession and arrest. Collins, a plumber who works for the Westchester County government, is charged with charged with second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon. Oddly, he was moving into a new home at the time of the incident. No one explains why he chose that time to unleash an arrow: in celebration, perhaps? Delgado-Brown is reported home from the hospital and doing alright. Photo (cc) Zaskoda.

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