Ashley Dupre Continues Record-Breaking Run in New York Post

Hey look, Ashley Dupre's in the New York Post again. The former prostitute tells us Madonna was her "nude hero" -- that is, the celebrity to whom she credits her willingness to pose nude if the conditions are right. The Post also supplies a helpful review of Dupre's latest song by Dan Aquilante ("this new tune has youth appeal in its complex melody that segues from a rock opening to a poppy chorus... Dupre should consider weaving in a quick rap for good measure") and a mention in the Fashion Buzz column. Dupre was also in Sunday's edition, explaining her tats ("a Chinese character on her right wrist means 'love'"), putting her number of appearance in the tabloid since the Spitzer non-comeback non-story "broke" last week at 162. Next up: a full color poster!

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