¡Ask a Mexican! Love in the Time of Intolerance

Mark Dancy

Dear Mexican: Looking back recently on my distant youth in northwest Ohio, I came to the realization that the sweetest, most beautiful girl this gabacho ever went out with (indeed, in my entire senior class) was the pure-blooded daughter of Mexican immigrants. Am I under the sway of 1) simple nostalgia; 2) racist exoticism; 3) premature senility; or 4) a deep sense of loss for what might have been? Please help, before I start reading Proust! —Couldn't Help Wondering

Dear Gabacho: None of the above. Face it: You fucked up. She was the real deal. Now, go drown your mistake in bottles of Sauza (rotgut tequila; you don't deserve the amber heaven that is Herradura), put on Pedro Infante, and weep like a good macho. After that, find her on Facebook and say, "What's up?"

I used to look forward to reading you, but a previous edition of your column beguiles me to express my disdain. A guy asked why so many young Latinos grab their dick, quote rap, and don't embrace their own culture. Here was your chance to speak out about something that LULAC, MALDEF, and every other farce of a Latino voice out there should have already done, and rip Mexican youth a new one for loving black culture. I don't know how old you are, but blacks had their shot—abolishing slavery, civil rights, just to name a few big ones. They have made great advances. But, at the same time, any young or old pendejo can see that they also suck: leading in incarceration rates, HIV infection rates, abortion rates, low school testing scores, and adoption candidates. These are the facts since we started keeping score. So here is this older, confused Chicano who wants you to perhaps help inform the young Latino flock of sheep so as to stop this edification and false idol worship, and you turn it into our (Latino and black) struggle! Wake up, pendejo: They had their chance; it's our turn. Why do you think [the Mexican's note: He goes on to ramble for a couple hundred more words, so now we jump to the conclusion]? Are you politically scared? Do you want to stick to funny? Or are you, I think, like the misguided "I love to suck black cock" sheep of dumb America? —Dewey del Diablo

Dear Readers: I print this letter as an educational experience. Dewey wrote it a couple of years ago, so may it give hope to the thousands of you who wonder if I'll ever get around to answering your letters. Patience, gente, patience. Dewey is a racist Mexican pendejo—his "facts" are as laughable as those created by FAIR, but I'll let negrito bloggers debunk them—may this show Mexican apologists that we can dish the hate as well, if not worse, as know-nothings. Best yet, Dewey actually introduced himself to me at a Houston book signing last year with the best possible compliment: "You're like the Bible, man. I hate you, but I can't stop reading." Want to hurt me, know-nothings? Don't write to me. Every time ustedes do, it's further proof that the Reconquista not only is real, it's HILARIOUS.

Explain to me, por favor, why Latinos (including Mexicans and Chicanos, but not Guatemalans) are the most superior baseball players on the planet? Is there some sociopolitical conspiracy going on here? —Latino Umpire Laughing At Caucasians

Dear LULAC: Seems to be steroids. Thank God that the most notable baseball players, past and present, of Mexican descent—Fernando Valenzuela, Ted Williams, Nomar Garciaparra, Evan Longoria—achieved their greatness through sandlot baseball, college programs, or a steady carne asada diet.

Ask the Mexican at themexican@askamexican.net, myspace.com/ocwab, or facebook/garellano, find him on Twitter, or write via snail mail at: Gustavo Arellano, P.O. Box 1433, Anaheim, CA 92815-1433!

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