Attention, New Jersey: "Hard Times" Is Not An Excuse For Living In A Toilet-Less Filth Den

Hard times: not an excuse for living in filth.
Hard times: not an excuse for living in filth.

Not having a job apparently is an excuse to stockpile garbage and force your kids to live amongst it -- in a toilet-less New Jersey filth den.

That's according to a few New Jersey residents, anyway, who are defending a family who turned their Union City home into a makeshift landfill -- complete with garbage piled four feet high -- and forced their kids to live in the disgusting house.

Police caught wind of the den-o-filth after a plumber went to the home to check the water pressure. He came across Angela and Eliyaho Nadoff and their four children -- ages 3, 4, 11 and 13 -- living amongst the trash. In addition to the garbage, the home doesn't have a single working toilet.

The local TV news hounds at ABC 7 caught up with a few of the Nadoff's neighbors, who told the station "hard times" must be the reason their house went to shit.

From ABC 7:

"I don't think they neglect their children," said Alex Ruiz.

Alex Ruiz has known the Nadoff's for years. He and other neighbors say they love their children and must have gotten in over their heads.

Eliyaho lost his job, Angela isn't working and their oldest child has a mental disability.

While we feel for the Nadoffs' unfortunate financial situation, not having a job is no excuse for not take out the trash -- it takes 30 seconds.

Thankfully, the kids were turned over the the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services. The Nadoffs have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and child neglect.

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