Beaten Toddler Kymell Oram Dead; Kysheen 'Killer' Oliver — Yes, That's His Moniker — Now May Face Murder Charge

Kymell Oram, the 17-month-old toddler who was severely beaten a couple of weeks ago in his East New York foster home, has died of his injuries, cops said today. The chief suspect all along, Kysheen Oliver, 19, whose nickname is "Killer," likely faces murder charges. The alleged scumbag, the boyfriend of Kymell's foster mom, Teyunna Cummings, 32, had already been charged with second-degree assault and lesser counts.

The Times's Elissa Gootman notes this afternoon:

According to court papers and testimony, Kymell had been beaten so severely that a doctor told the police he had suffered "repeated serious blows from an adult, possibly with a metal rod or a bat," and was "likely to die."

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