Beefy the Skateboarding Dog Sucks At Skateboarding

Skateboarding dogs fall somewhere on the higher end of the spectrum of cool animal tricks (highest: dolphins jumping through rings of fire; lowest: waterskiing squirrels). Most humans can't even skateboard, but bulldogs seem to be unnaturally good at it. The

New York Daily News has a feature today

on Beefy the skateboarding dog. The only problem? He sucks at skateboarding.

Watch the video above -- he's horrible. His owner has to push him on a skateboard; that's not even real boarding, dude. His owner says in the News piece that "he wants to enroll Beefy in a dog modeling agency in the hope of garnering appearances in movies and more ads." Good luck with that, man. Beefy is no Tillman:

Tillman is the dog

you know

. He's basically the Beyonce of extreme-sports-bulldogs. He skateboards, skimboards, and surfs -- he's a triple threat!

We're not sure why New York's dogs are falling behind their California competitors, but this summer is our time to claim the top spot. Dog owners: We can do this, but we need your help.


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