Bernie, in His Own Words

If former police and corrections commissioner Kerik simply changed his name to "Manhattan Detention Complex," the downtown jail could still be named after him. (DOC).

The man who came thisclose to getting the job of protecting the entire United States against terrorism, Bernard B. Kerik, didn't say much Friday after he pled guilty to breaking the law by not reporting gifts and loans. Those left wanting more will have to leap into the Power Plays time machine and revisit . . .

. . . The day Kerik became the city's police commissioner

    Together, we will continue the crime reduction efforts that have made the NYPD the premiere police department in the nation . . .

. . .His appearance before the 9-11 commission

    Removing the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda leadership from Afghanistan—and Saddam Hussein and his regime from Iraq—were just the beginning in addressing the real threats against us. . . .

. . .His address to the Republican National Convention

    I think of the courage it took for our Commander in Chief to land on an airstrip in the dark of night, a world away, to be with our troops on Thanksgiving . . .

. . .The day President Bush nominated him to head DHS

    You (Mr. President) have been a strong, effective and inspirational leader in the war for freedom and against terror. ... I would like to thank and recognize those whose love, support and sacrifice have brought me to this day . . . It is you and our great country that made it possible for a young boy raised on the modest streets of Patterson, New Jersey, whose dream was to become a cop, to stand today at the side of the President of the United States and accept this extraordinary nomination. . . .

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