Big Questions via Gchat: Woman Falls on Train Tracks, Daily News Scores Cell Phone Pic

Another person fell onto the subway tracks in New York City yesterday. This time, a heroic train operator avoided tragedy, slamming on the breaks at the Fifth Ave. and 59th St. station just before hitting the woman. This story is on the cover of Sunday's Daily News. It is an amazing story! But some questions remain -- too much for any one blogger -- so we brought in a special guest to work through the issues at hand. Runnin' Scared, please welcome New York weekend warrior Mike Vilensky:

Daily Intel Mike: How did this lady in the NYDN just FALL on to the tracks and why did someone take cell phone pics?? Instead of like I don't know... Not doing that? Runnin' Scared Joe: Link? Daily Intel Mike: It's on the cover: Runnin' Scared Joe: Worst headline Daily Intel Mike: That is not a headline. It's just, like, what happened. Runnin' Scared Joe: I also love the DAILY NEWS EXCLUSIVE watermark on the photo. Daily Intel Mike: These were def sold to them. Runnin' Scared Joe: Do people think fast enough, like, "If I take a cell phone pic I'll make money"? Or is it a more base instinct? Daily Intel Mike: What a horrible thought! I honestly don't think taking cell phone pics is a 'base instinct' Runnin' Scared Joe: I hope you're right. Daily Intel Mike: Oh, I wish I could just publish this Gchat for my post.

There you have it. Runnin' Scared: less professional than Daily Intel.


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