Bloomberg, Lenora Fulani, Fred Newman -- Rally for Victory!

Be there or Be Square! Lenora Fulani, Fred Newman, and all the wonderfully zany leaders of the city's Independence Party kick off their big push to reelect Mike Bloomberg Thursday evening at a rally in Harlem.

Bloomberg is listed as an "invited speaker" for the event at FirstA.M.E.BethelChurch on

132nd Street
at 6.P.M., according to an ad on the Independence Party (New York City wing) website.

There's a recorded pitch for the big night on a voice zipper on the site in which Fulani credits a "new alliance" of blacks and independent voters with electing America's "two most independent leaders" -- Bloomberg and Barack Obama, (while defeating "the Clinton machine" along the way). Here's Fulani:

"Four years ago, a new political coalition put itself on the map; 47 percent of black voters and 60 percent of independents reelected Mayor Mike Bloomberg giving him a mandate for nonpartisan government. That black and independent alliance scored again in 2008 when it carried Barack Obama to victory, defeating the Clinton machine in the primaries and then the Republican machine in November. As part of this new alliance, we have elected the country's two most independent leaders, Barack Obama and Mike Bloomberg. . . . New York City, in all its diversity, has gone independent and we cannot turn back now.

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P.S.: If that "New Alliance" phrase has a familiar ring, it's because that was the name of one of Newman and Fulani's earlier political parties. For those with strong stomachs for this sort of thing, check out an astonishingly detailed and disturbing portrait of Mayor Mike's current pals provided by the Anti-Defamation League, "A Cult By Any Other Name."

P.P.S.: Campaign finance filings showing how much Mayor Mike has kicked in for this bash and other Indy organizing efforts won't be filed for a few weeks yet. But party bigs were hopeful of a big score when they endorsed Bloomberg in April.

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