Bobcat Captured in Staten Island

Okay, this is more like it: someone in Staten Island caught a bobcat. The 45-pound kitty was stalking the Grosmere section and a citizen decided to take matters into his own hands, drawing the creature into a game cage "using raw chicken liver as bait," a tip you may want to save. The animal is said to be someone's pet, which we're sure is illegal -- at least it was in 1998, when the state took away a Somers man's bobcat on those grounds, though it does appear the man got him back. Perhaps the unnamed owner can work a visitation deal with the Staten Island Zoo, which has other bobcats with which this one can romp, play, and fight over carrion. The Staten Island Advance has an adorable slideshow, including an image of obviously shaken neighbor Donna Lachok "as she describes her experience with the large cat." Image (cc) Wikipedia.

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