Broadway Bomb Organizer Suspends Race Thanks to City's Fun Police; Long-Boarders Still Likely to "Bomb"

As we reported earlier, the City has put the kibosh on the Broadway Bomb -- an annual long-board race in which skaters weave through traffic from 116th Street to the Wall Street bull -- via-an injunction approved by a state Supreme Court judge.

We were a little shocked -- and slightly disheartened -- to lean that organizers of the event actually plan on adhering to the court order.

"I don't like jail," Broadway Bomb organizer Ian Nichols tells the Voice. "They served me with legal papers -- I have to distance myself from the race."

But -- as Nichols explains -- that doesn't necessarily mean people won't be bombing down Broadway on long boards tomorrow afternoon.

"[Long-boarding] is only getting more and more popular," he explains. "People come from all over the world for this."

As it stands, more than 1,800 people are registered to participate in tomorrow's race. If any of them decide to defy the court order and bomb down Broadway, they will be doing so on their own, and not under the umbrella of the official Broadway Bomb, Nichols says.

The city attorney who filed the injunction to stop the Bomb says that in past races participants have "engaged in reckless and dangerous behavior such as failing to stop for red lights, cutting off and weaving through moving vehicles and pedestrians, grabbing onto passing vehicles and bicycles so as to be propelled by the vehicles and bicycles, and instructing vehicles which have the right of way to stop so they can pass through intersections."

And the group's slogan is "You Could Die."

But according to Nichols, nobody's actually died. In fact, nobody's even been "seriously" injured since the annual race was started in 2000.

"Helmets are mandatory," Nichols says.

One of the reasons cited in the judge's ruling to halt the race is the fact that the group doesn't have a parade permit, which the City claims it would need to hold the race.

In the future, Nichols plans to obtain the proper permits prior to the race -- he says he wants a "city sanctioned" bomb, and is working with an attorney to make that happen.

There you have it, Bombers -- you can still bomb tomorrow, but you will be bombing at your own risk.

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