Brooklyn "Hipster" Politician Meets Obama

Lincoln Restler, the young co-founder of the New Kings Democrats, won an election back in September to represent the 50th Assembly District as State Committeeman, a.k.a. District Leader, calling himself as "an independent, reform-minded" member, the likes of which Brooklyn hadn't seen in a half a century. Just a few months later, he and his campaign manager, Sarah Baker, were invited to Washington, D.C. "by the very people who inspired them to get actively involved in local grassroots politics: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama," according to a press release they circulated this morning. Check out the entire happy photo op after the jump.

Restler has been commended as one of the "'young insurgent candidates' of the Obama Generation," and has been charged with "[cleaning] up the borough's Democratic party, which has seen three of the past four party bosses indicted on corruption charges." Company -- and a smile -- like this is a good start, from the White House Christmas party:

Brooklyn "Hipster" Politician Meets Obama

[ / @joecoscarelli]

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