Brooklyn Nets Want to Woo Subway Riders With Free Beer

Drink up.
Drink up.

The Nets have one of the worst records in the NBA right now (6-17), so fans have good reason to drink. Lucky for them, a beer might be on the house if they start taking the train to the game. The Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council is looking to ease traffic that will be caused by the opening of the new stadium. Via the New York Post, Ryan Lynch of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign said, "Give people a free beer -- they're not driving!" He wants a beer voucher for people who take public transportation to the game.

This awesome solution would create a crazier fan base and help conquer traffic problems. It's a win-win! Plus, free beer!

The Post goes on to say:

Lynch, invited by the Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council to present suggestions for easing traffic at Atlantic Yards, demanded that the arena's developer, Forest City Ratner, commit to subsidize mass transit for game nights such as including mass transit fares into ticket prices and urging additional trains on game nights."

What are they complaining about? Look how fast traffic is moving!
What are they complaining about? Look how fast traffic is moving!

However, this does have the potential to go badly. Recall the Cleveland Indians' infamous "10 Cent Beer Night" in 1974, in which they offered a 10 cent beer promotion to attract a larger attendance for the game. Needless to say, everyone showed up -- and came to party. The fans got so rowdy that the umpires had to call the game.


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