Buck Naked

Buck is a hot, hunky, handsome man. He is shaved bald, with a mustache, muscles, tattoos, a big fat cock, and a CUNT. How many of you have had the chance to see a dude with a pussy? Buck is one nasty fucker. How can you get fucked by Buck while on your computer in the privacy of your home? Just LOOK. It is a total mind-fuck to watch that hot, masculine man and his big, hard cock . . . but he can take it off! What's underneath? You'll just have to see it to believe it! —Transexual-man.com

Think you've seen it all on the Internet? Well, look again, because in February, Buck joined the ranks of Jenna Jameson and Nina Hartley, but he's not exactly your father's porn star. A female-to-male (FTM) transsexual who splits his time between New Orleans and Los Angeles, Buck created a personal site to mark his cyberturf, then realized an untapped adult market: transman porn. Transexual-man.com was born. While visitors can peek at the possibilities, members get the real bang from Buck. For $19.95 a month, you get hardcore pictorials, streaming video, Buck's private webcam, weekly live shows, and Buck's personal journal documenting his sexual exploits. In only two months, the site has gained close to 50 members, who Buck says are "straight women, dykes, straight men, fags, and on and on . . . " The diverse membership mirrors Buck's varied tastes: Photos run the gamut and include masturbation, oral sex, vaginal and anal penetration, fisting of both holes, sex toys, and s/m play, all with Buck's "friends"—men and women, straight, queer, and transgender (no transman-on-transman action yet, but he says he'll take volunteers).

According to Buck, Transexual-man.com is the only FTM porn site on the Web, and although he puffs on a fat cigar in one photo gallery, he's not blowing smoke up our collective ass. While there is an abundance of MTF porn (with enough magazines, videos, and Web sites to be its own niche), there are few examples of its masculine counterpart: Christopher Lee's relatively underground FTM porn flicks, including Alley of the Tranny Boys; the e-book Man Tool by photographer and transman Loren Cameron (lorencameron.com/mantool/index.html); and Del La Grace Volcano's photo book Sublime Mutations. Except for these, there are hardly any images of completely naked FTMs or close-up shots of their genitals, which is why Transexual-man.com is so revolutionary: Buck's not only naked, he's the first trans sexual man (that's three words) to expose himself on the Web. See Buck fuck. See Buck suck. See Buck get sucked. See Buck get fucked.

Most FTMs I know have complex relationships with their bodies and their sexuality, but there's usually one consistent element: They are ambivalent at best about the pussy. They ignore it, hate it, feel uncomfortable about it, or accept and pleasure it in private but deny it in public. One of the things I find fascinating about Buck is how he very publicly uses and shows off his cunt (he sometimes even calls it that). His enlarged clitoris (from taking testosterone) looks like a small cock, but he clearly has two orifices. Buck seems to have a comfortable relationship with his gyno parts—not the norm among most people born female who now identify as male. "Almost every FTM I know is probably in shock to see this," he told me. "For a long time I felt very uncomfortable with my body and my cunt. But through growing up and understanding there is no viable alternative or good way to change that, I decided to accept and embrace myself the way I am. It feels good to get fucked. I don't think getting my cunt fucked makes me any less of a man."

Buck doesn't mince words, and the language used throughout his site is not only direct, it's reminiscent of mainstream porno-speak: It's "chicks with dicks" transposed onto "a dude with a pussy." Raunchy, politically incorrect, or just downright offensive depending on who you ask, Buck's chosen vocabulary is one that I always assumed would offend actual dudes with actual cunts. Apparently not all of them: Buck set the record straight when he told me, "It is porn; it is about sex and fucking and cumming. The site is not a political statement—it is about sex."

Well, Buck, I would say it's about sex and politics. The question is, What are the political implications of eroticizing and commodifying a transman? Buck not only creates and controls but profits, both emotionally and financially, from his own erotic objectification: "If someone is jacking off over my picture, that's what counts to me! I am a big slut, and to be fetishized is icing on the cake to me. If I had any second thoughts about being seen as a sex object, I wouldn't have put my site up." Plus, the site is incredibly subversive, clearly illustrating how complex gender identity and the gendered body really are. The macho, knife-wielding leather daddy has a strong, sexy, if not wildly unexpected body underneath his leather vest and 501s. From underneath her skirt, the tall brunette named Luna reveals a cock that looks as real as the one Buck sports in his tighty whities. Buck tops a tattooed guy in chaps, fucks and fists him, but the bottom never appears naked. His prominent package is encased in a leather codpiece, and it leaves me thinking, "Is that a reconstructed male chest? Does he seem shorter than the average guy? Could that be an FTM?" That by the end of my inquiry I don't know for sure which gender was listed on anyone's birth certificate is confusing in a delicious and radical way.

Transexual-man.com works on a lot of different levels. It's educational, demystifying the transmale body by getting up close and personal. It's political, presenting one transsexual man's vision of his sexuality and his body, both of which do not conform to mainstream notions. It's controversial, bucking current conventions within the FTM community about sexual practices. Plus, it's titillating, raunchy, and sexy like an amateur porn site should be! During my admittedly long and lingering visit to the site, I had my preconceived notions challenged, I learned more about transmale sexuality, I was inspired to write this column, and I jerked off. What more could you ask for?

Visit my Web site at puckerup.com.

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