Bus Driver Leads Passengers in Feel-Good Game of Trivia, Sing-Along

Our favorite source of New York City-centric videos (


, usually) is

NYC the Blog

, which this morning brings us a photo slideshow instead, complete with the charming audio of a local bus driver who loves his job. First, over the loudspeaker, he asks his passengers to name 10 body parts that are three-letter words. They laugh and joke. Then, he leads the riders in a rendition of "Happy Birthday," for a woman in the back. Plus, the ride was free on account of a broken coin box.

The driver's kindness did not go unnoticed:

Offering some words of advice, the bus driver continued: "Let's look alive people. We only live once. Tomorrow's not promised." Afterward, as an elderly man disembarked, he told the driver: "You're the best bus driver I ever had."

It's never a bad day to remember the times when this city is worth loving.

MTA Bus Driver Leads Bus In Song [NYC the Blog]

[jcoscarelli@villagevoice.com / @joecoscarelli]


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