Calm Down -- You Probably Won't Be Murdered By Brooklyn's New Serial Killer

Don't worry -- this guy probably isn't going to kill you.
Don't worry -- this guy probably isn't going to kill you.

There's a serial killer in Brooklyn, which means one thing: time to freak out. But while you're freaking out -- and, admittedly, we are, too -- keep in mind that you're probably more likely to get hit by lightning than get murdered by a ruthless serial killer.

The so-called "Crazy 8 Killer" has struck three times since July. Each murder happened at a Brooklyn business with the number 8 in its address. In each case, the killer murdered a Middle Eastern business owner with the same .22-caliber pistol before -- in some cases -- stabbing them and covering their bodies with clothes.

If you're a Middle Easterner, and own a business that has an 8 in the address, feel free to freak out. As for the rest of us, the odds are in our favor that we'll be just fine.

Less than one-percent of all murders in the United States are committed by serial killers. And lifestyle choices tend to put certain people more at risk.

For example, women working as prostitutes lead a lifestyle that makes them prime targets for serial killers.

Women in general tend to be at greater risk of falling victim to a serial killer -- in many cases regardless of dangerous lifestyle choices. Killers like Ted Bundy targeted young women because of a bizarre proclivity for heterosexual sexual violence. His victims were unlucky enough to simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time -- and be young, attractive, and female.

Jeffrey Dahmer also targeted a specific group: young, gay men who frequented gay bars in Millwaukee -- also because of a flare for sadistic sexual violence.

Brooklyn's "Crazy 8 Killer" appears to have a thing for male business owners who own stores with an 8 in the address. Of Brooklyn's roughly 2.5 million people, the number of male, Middle Eastern business owners who own stores with an 8 in the address is considerably low.

Again, you probably should be more worried about getting struck by lightning than getting killed by the "Crazy 8 Killer" -- unless, of course, you're a Middle Eastern business owner whose store has an 8 in the address. If that's the case, it's probably time to freak out.

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