Caroline Kennedy's One-Stop Shopping Trip

Caroline Kennedy's One-Stop Shopping Trip

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Hiring a top political consultant is a little like hiring a literary agent: If your book is half-way decent you can count on some favorable and helpful blurbs for the book jacket from the agent's other well-known clients.

This logrolling approach appears to be working nicely for Caroline Kennedy. Word came yesterday that Kennedy -- who is famous and beloved, but completely untested, political-wise --  has decided to make a serious bid for Hillary Clinton's U.S. Senate seat. She proved it by retaining Knickerbocker SKD, headed by wunderkind consultant Josh Isay, and making dozens of calls to New York pols and powerbrokers.

Presto, favorable blurbs for Kennedy start rolling in from folks who happen to be other Knickerbocker clients:

-- Al Sharpton (holds a double Knickerbocker; both himself and his National Action Network listed as clients): An e-mail blast from the Rev yesterday stated that Kennedy's educational involvement and books she's written "more than qualifies her to be senator."

-- Mayor Mike Bloomberg (a big Knick man; Isay helped him with reelection campaign, term-limits fight): Kennedy is "hard-working, honest . . understands the issues... can do anything."

-- Council Speaker Christine Quinn (Knicks on board as her campaign consultant): "Exciting...she could continue her work around public education."

-- Senator Chuck Schumer (Isay mentor and big Knick man): "I've talked to Caroline Kennedy and she's clearly interested."

-- Buffalo mayor Byron Brown (Knick man and potential key upstate backer): Agreed to give Kennedy a tour "and lay of the land" in ailing upstate

Can Benjamin Netanyahu be far behind?

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