Central Park Underwear Run Breaks World Record

The video from nyctriathlon2009 reveals that last night's 1.7-mile Underwear Run in Central Park had prizes: for instance, Jet Blue tickets to Jamaica with a 4-day, 3-night stay in Montego Bay, and free entry into Jamaica's Rose Hall Triathlon. These were given for the most imaginative Jamaica-themed costuming. We don't know who scored the trip -- our money was on the girl's whose theme was "running wild through Jamaica," with "the lush undergrowth in special places" -- but the pack leaders were Bobby Asher (9:02) and Cassandra Miller (11:02), who each received "a medal modeled after NYC's first subway token." The Examiner says the contenders collectively broke the record number of simultaneous underwear-runners previously held by 146 guys in England, but doesn't state a figure; the World Records Academy says "about 500 people" participated; NYC Triathlon claims "exactly 300 sign-ins." Mayoral candidate The Naked Cowboy grand-marshaled. If you haven't had enough of this, Gothamist has a Flickr set.

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