Chairman Diaz Looks at Canada Drugs for Seniors

Ruben Diaz has sent a note asking state senate colleagues to join the committee on aging, of which he is now chairman. After assuring the senators that he knew their concern for the elderly, and that they were "committed to ending their relegation to a twilight of quiet despair," Diaz said he intends "to submit legislation shortly which will do for this State what the City of Schenectady has done in purchasing bulk prescription drugs from Canada" -- a move Mayor Bloomberg has supported in the past.

"No senior in our State should have to decide if they eat or get their medication," Diaz wrote, "nor should they be forced to move to Schenectady in order to do so."

Diaz also said his committee will review the state's current assisted-living arrangements for the elderly and consider a role for "community-based organizations" to reduce their costs under Governor Paterson's austerity budget.

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