Child Drowns in Mop Bucket in Queens

The new daycare center at se, at 101-27 108th Street in Ozone Park had a sign that said, "Childcare, All Day, Everyday." That's not much of a claim, but no complaints had been recorded against the establishment and someone must have gone for it, because there was a baby, less than a year old and named Daniel Sarrior, at the center today and he appears to have drowned in a mop bucket. The Daily News says he "dropped" into the bucket, whereas WPIX says he "climbed" into it. The News also has gruesome details of the infant's death that you can read here if you want to. Authorities are investigating the death; the owners are not believed to have had a permit to practice, but it is not yet known whether the daycare arrangements were sufficiently formal to require permitting.

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